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Fiverr policy on the pirated logo intros

So almost 90% of top sellers that pop up on the logo intro section are using pirated versions hacked from Envato or other authors.
According to Videohive only one license is given to one purchased copy which means people selling non licensed copies would have to BUY if their clients want to use them anywhere.

So my question, what’s the fiverr policy if someone starts selling AFTER getting permission/license from those videohive authors? Meaning they pay to Videohive authors for every client they get here. Of course the prices will be higher but clients will get license to use the product for any purpose.
I’d like to hear fiverr mods/policy stance on this.


bro your problem is very different. so how many photo this problem?

They don’t need to get permission from VH authors.

If they are buying the template each time they make a sale on Fiverr, and provide their buyer with the pdf license, it’s a completely legitimate business.

If they are charging $5 and the template costs $15 then you know it’s shady business.

It’s violating Envato’s license.


thankyou! It’s been great help. This should promote the legitimate business and original content creation on fiverr.