Fiverr policy violation


i asked some are you on upwork or i said i am getting 44 after 20% of commision on upwork is it violation


Discussing off-Fiverr work is not a good idea. If you get a warning, you will know if Fiverr decided you went too far. I sure wouldn’t suggest that you do that again.


As fonthaunt said it’s a very bad idea to discuss another site with buyers. It sounds like you are suggesting that they hire you on upwork if I am understanding this correctly. Never mention anything like this.


Sometimes , something really confusing on here for new comer


There is nothing confusing about the rules. Don’t talk to people outside of fiverr.


Hello i am also a newcomer to Fiverr. I am a buyer and I was wondering if it was a violation to downloaded the completed image. Thought maybe I may have misses something. Any help would be greatly appreciated.