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Fiverr pop up


Am I the only one that is seeing this fiverr pop up every time i click on something? It is driving me crazzy


Glad that worked for you i had to send them a message and it is fixed now =D>


Reply to @seanc99: I done all of that and even tried differ ant browsers. Had to send them a message it took almost 24 hr but it is fixed.


I clicked on Read more, and it didn’t come back after that.


I just install a plugin for “FIVERR ANYWHERE”. Gracias fiverr to provide us Great opportunities… :x


Fiverr is the best freelancer site, who changed their site layout probably after every month. They are basically trying to give their users very shortcut methods. :smiley:


Well before an admin says it, clear your cookies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I thought i tried that i will go try it now.


Did not work for me. It is coming up every time i click on any of my links on fiverr %-(