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Fiverr positive rating

Please any idea will help. I was on 80% positive rating and just finish an order on time with good rating from the client.

To my surprise, Fiverr gave me 3% for the job done. Please how does their rating work? I WANT TO BE IN LEVEL ONE WITH 100% POSITIVE RATING.


You failed to deliver an order 2 years ago which is contributing to you not getting to your 100% positive rating goal.

The only way to get 100% is to literally deliver great work on time and get more 5 star ratings to cover up that rating of zero from 2 years ago…

You can try asking Customer Support to remove it explaining you were away and not active, etc. But I doubt they will remove it, but you can always try.

Unless the customer left a 100% positive rating (all 5 stars in yellow) you must be experiencing a rate drop. What I don’t understand is what you mean by ‘‘Fiverr gave me a 3%’’. The worst review a seller can get is one star which if I am not mistaken gives us 20% so
(80%+20%)/amount of completed orders=your rate
I’m kinda confused. If you’d like to please explain we could help you :slight_smile:

THANKS @theratypist

This my Positive Rating now 83% was 80% and i just finish a job which the client gave me 5 star and i complete the job on time. All Fiverr could give me is 3%, add to my 80% make it 83%

You need 99 more 5 star reviews to get to 99%.

Try asking customer service to remove the 1 star review.