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How do cooperate our buyers in Fiverr?

Best prerequisite for success in Fiverr we need to arrange your gigs and profile as a business and handle our buyers correspondingly. Some fundamentals rules you should apply to your business strategy in Fiverr to make sure both you and your buyers get the best experience out of the gig.

Being a successful freelancer on Fiverr, here are some of the techniques that help anyone his/her journey.

  1. Firstly you should make sure is to maintain a very fast communication. Make sure to reply to your buyers within an short time (instantly if possible) will make you seem more reliable. This policy helps increase your probability of getting a sell magically.

  2. Before they place the order make sure you have everything you need to give them a exact delivery which you outh to. Make clear the question before placing the order is always better than looking for information in the intermediate part of your project.

  3. Communicate with your buyers descently. A professional attitude will make you more trustworthy and a cordial conversation will increase your chance of gaining a potential long term buyer.

  4. Always remembered you guys are the expert. As a UI and graphics designer, I faced many buyers in my carrier who have an idea that needs some change his work, always try to provide them with an idea and help them refine their vision before you turn them into a reality.

  5. Custom offers are the key of handsome revenue. After you gathered all the information and answered all questions, do not keep them hanging. Instead of waiting for them to place an order or telling them to place one on your gig, send them a custom offer. Taking the time to send an offer made specially to suit their needs will help you out with your success in the long run.

These are the tips I learned on my long Fiverr journey that helped me handle my buyers in Fiverr.


You have 1 review. How many “sells” (it’s actually sales) have you made?


He’s just trying to contribute
So are you suppose to go and check his profile and come here to challenge him about himself???


Already 2 work deliverd

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By claiming to be a successful freelancer on Fiverr, even though he joined in March last year and only has two sales?

If the post looks suspicious (for example, as if it was copied from somewhere else without citing the sources, which would be plagiarism), some users will do it.


Okay I understand and thanks for that


I never reply instantly and none of my buyers seem to think I’m not very reliable because of that.
When I’m working, I’m working and don’t check my phone every minute, because I don’t want to be distracted all the time. When I’m not working, I’m not working and don’t check my phone every minute, because it’s my personal time.

I check my inbox and reply to everyone at the same time once every few hours. Then I switch to working on the next order and I’m gone for a few hours again.
Over the course of 5 months on Fiverr, I’ve lost roughly about 3-4 orders due to someone else replying faster. All of them were $5-$10. Mostly they were first time inquires, only one of those was from a repeat buyer and they didn’t stop coming for more work after that.
Would I trade all the time I saved not replying immediately for the lost money? Never.

Sure, any buyer would prefer a fast reply over a slow one, but they also love their work delivered way before the deadline, because their seller wasn’t getting distracted all the time. And instant replies alone is not enough to interest a buyer and keep them coming back.
Most buyers spend some time browsing Fiverr and picking a few sellers they liked to shoot them a message. They are prepared to wait a bit, the best ones even take into consideration timezone difference when expecting for a reply. All of this is especially true when they are looking to spend hundreds of $ on their project.


Perhaps he has/had an another account, if he’s claiming to have been on Fiverr a long time.

But it’s probably just copy paste, as that happens here a lot by new sellers trying to make a good impression and hoping people from here visit their profile.

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Your account is from march 2019. So, two sales in well over a year. Looks like those tips are working great for you.


It’s like they just typed in their points and then right-clicked on every single word using their thesaurus to make it as fancy as possible.

I couldn’t read through it, sorry.

But this is a prime example of why we need some sort of filter not allowing inexperienced users sharing “tips” and the secrets to their “success”.


It’s all about that “Handsome revenue”.