Fiverr Premium Level Gigs - A suggestion opinion welcome!


I am trying to get a feel for something I call Premium Level Gigs…

I sent this off to support and all at fiverr but I want an idea of how we feel as a community too…

Time is money there is no doubt, and given more money for an order I would be able to justify more time on a gig order, I know that I personally can do a ton more things to polish and perfect my services but it takes time to deliver them and that means it is less profitable in time/money trade off to do so.

I can’t be the only one saying this to themselves. So here is the thing I think would be great for those of us that could do more given more $ is to set up a “Premium Level Gig” that say starts at (whatever agreed cost) and because of the way it is presented to the buyer they understand if they want to get $5 gig for themselves no problem, but in this area it is the Premium area and then they should expect to pay more initially but also get more in return.

What do you think? Good idea or mehh…


I have a Buyer who is having me proof a 59,00+ word document. I quoted her a price of $140.00. She had to purchase 30 Gigs to make it work out. I deliver a chapter at a time so I don’t show ‘late’ in my work. Do you know of any other way my Buyer can just purchase one Gig for $140? I also have another potential Buyer who wants an 89,000+ word document proofed. That will be yet another 41 $5.00 Gigs to purchase. Seems like a lot for the Buyer to have to do. What are your thoughts? Do you have this same issue? If so, do you have a resolution?



@geri3939 that is exactly what I am saying, buyers are out there that are looking for even more than what we offer at the $5 level.

I believe that there is an untapped market that we as a community could capitalize on.


Ok I guess that the crickets on this means there is not any interest in the cup half full side of the fiverr seller idea.


Yea, I agree. As a writer I often quote people more then $100 on anything that is going to take me a good amount of time to research and write. Buyers are having to purchase my gig with all extras 2 and 3 times for one order. However, before I worry about how this chick can make more money off of us, I say we protest the 20%!!! Its CRAZY to much. uuuggghhhhh


I like the idea. I think it might need just a little tweaking so that it doesn’t seem repetitive like another version of the extras. I was thinking about setting up a management gig but with recurring costs that would be something that seems to fit the mold. I think this would be extremely advantageous for Fiverr, buyers, and sellers. Increased revenues, repeat scheduled future purchases, and increased flexibility for both the buyer and seller so that they do not have to go outside of Fiverr to find more “high end or premium services” I’m constantly getting messages saying I’d like to hire you in the future but realistically speaking there’s no way foster the relationship between myself and the client aside from sending messages. We’re not allowed to do business off Fiverr with these clients so instead of focusing on stringent restrictions I think the company should start thinking about ways to support the buyer-seller relationship.

Allow sellers to buy a premium monthly subscription that gives them the ability to communicate with buyers off fiverr with the condition that all payments must be processed through fiverr (the solutions protects the company against revenue loses as a result of outside business but also offers flexibility for both the buyer and seller), offer recurring subscriptions, send promotions once a month to previous clients who optin in to receiving promotions from these sellers. I really enjoy Fiverr there’s so much potential so I’m definitely on board with your premium vision :slight_smile:




I trying to wrap my head around “Premium Level”. What exactly makes it premium?

Is it the time invested? The quality of the talent? The quality of the equipment?

Let me use my industry as a for instance…

In my neck of the woods, in days passed a VO could get $300 every day for a 60 second local radio commercial. But then everything was more. The Ad Agency, the Copywriter, the Studio, the Producer, the Talent. A top shelf local TV commercial was the same.

These days in markets everywhere a VO is lucky to get $50 for a local radio or TV spot and there are hundreds of great videographers who will produce a high quality local TV spot for $300. So the Talent is still top shelf, the Equipment is sure a lot better, but pricing has eroded. And the market expects it.

With so many VOs, radio people, copywriters, etc etc etc competing on Fiverr for $5, how does the “premium” angle work?

I have Buyers think I just turn on a microphone and speak, 24 hours a day. They balk when I say I can’t deliver a 2 minute VO within an hour or even the same day? They must think I’m insane!

Do buyers care I’ve been doing this all my life and produce high quality work?

Do Buyers care I have very expensive mics for different styles of VO work?

Do Buyers care I’m an award winning tv show host and producer?

Do Buyers care I’m an award winning radio broadcaster?

No… and honestly why would they?

There are tens of thousands of amateur (and good-hearted) folks with with a $99 microphone doing VO in their bedroom or basement for $5. And most Buyers can’t hear the difference.

PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I don’t bring all this up because I’m angry or bitter. Quite the opposite, I’m very happy to have seen and done it all and still be alive to tell the stories. And I’m happy to offer a few services on Fiverr.

People who can afford BMW, Oakley and Cristal will continue to buy it, but I don’t believe they (or even regular folks) will look for or buy “premium” on Fiverr.


I’d like to hear more. Please expand on your post and tell me what I’m missing. :slight_smile:


I actually agree with you.

Take youtube–it started as an amateur video sharing site. Savvy and talented creators saw the potential and things like Maker Studios grew. Now youtube productions are starting to get real money behind them–advertising and production dollars that can compete with network television.

In my opinion Fiverr is going to have to let go of the $5 price tag at some point. For one thing, inflation happens. But even more importantly, sellers with a big body of work are gaining experience and getting more and more savvy how to make a real living out of this. The advertising dollars are starting to pay off, and buyers will deeper pockets are finding Fiverr. If Fiverr becomes THE place to buy outsourced goods and services (the way Amazon has become THE place to buy practically everything) there is no reason “premium” services shouldn’t be offered. Sellers are already doing it, actually. There are top rated sellers who won’t touch a project for $5.

But by in large most of us feel trapped into offering SOMETHING for $5. That means that no matter how hard we work to improve our quality and attract bigger fish, we’re still wading through the bargain hunter crowd.

So, I for one would welcome a premium portion to the site. A place that the bargain hunters need not look, but that people with a little more cash can quickly and easily search for talent that will meet their needs.


Cost of marketing and bringing in customers is never free, 80/20 split is a good and fair cost of doing business and bringing it in I believe there is real value in that.

vigilism said: However, before I worry about how this chick can make more money off of us, I say we protest the 20%!!


@fayestap summed up my opinions perfectly. I think a premium section is a great idea and it would be a great place for more professional gigs to expand

fayestap said: So, I for one would welcome a premium portion to the site. A place that the bargain hunters need not look, but that people with a little more cash can quickly and easily search for talent that will meet their needs.

This is exactly my sentiment! Thank You for summing it up so well!


Imagine being able to buy an actual commercial on Fiverr–something with real production value.

It could get really fun around here. :slight_smile:


So far this is sounding like a good idea that is growing legs…

I think this is going to be the way marketing and advertising goes as technology is more accessible and I believe the turn key providers like us will be the best bang for the buck on the market so long as quality is there. I am up to the challenge.

Sooo What next?


I’m not sure why the increasingly large gig extras don’t already allow this?


Reply to @anarchofighter: It’s psychology. Your mindset is different when you walk into the dollar store vs the boutique next door. On Fiverr it’s a bit like Black Friday everyday. Deal greed starts consuming people. But if there is a clear expectation when you walk in the door–or click on the section–that this stuff is going to be higher priced, you don’t freak out and start wrestling the seller.

To me, the beauty of Fiverr is it’s convenience, not it’s cheapness. There are a bunch of talented people selling stuff you don’t have the time, ability, or equipment to do for yourself. There are buyers out there that don’t necessarily want the bargain basement product that someone just threw together, but they like the Fiverr platform. Samples are easy to see, ratings are clear, it’s quick and convenient to communicate directly with the seller and purchase the product, there’s a clear deadline, etc. Why not leverage the platform?

I’m currently in the market for a label design. I’d happily make my way to premium gigs offering higher priced/higher quality designs.


Reply to @fayestap: Great explanation. I primarily sell but when I buy on Fiverr knowing that a $5 service is an option, it is sometimes a tough pill to swallow seeing the total slowly rise as I add extras. I’m willing to pay but the further away from $5 I go, the more (unjustly) disappointed I feel.

Now if I know a service costs $50, $55 with an extra “ain’t” a big deal. But when $5 turns into $15, I want to cry because it tripled! :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree with most opinions in this thread, I’m all for a ‘premium’ catagory section. In fact I can imagine it now! Although I believe you should have to earn it. You should be producing such a high standard of work, not particularly related to sales (although you would need to be at least level 2), to be considered. When level two, allow sellers to ‘apply’ and send in an application - like a cover letter.

Alos, customers would know they are getting quality work because of this new feature. There’s no wondering before hand if you’ll actually get what’s advertised or if it’s going to be some graphic made in paint - they’ll be guaranteed quality work.

I think this would be a great step for fiverr, as it would allow them to expand their market - instead of offering just super cheap work, but allow people to spend a lot more on more quality work - which would put them up with some other sites dedicated to high end work.

I’m only for this catagory if you have to go through the application process above - and fiverr is actually strict about it, not just ‘unique’ gigs which they feature on the front page, otherwise there’s no point. Of course at the moment there is always gig extra’s - although I would much rather this premium option.


Just got word that this idea has been forwarded on to developers, I hope that means we are moving in the right direction on this. I think that those of us in the thread should take a moment and send thoughts and concerns to fiverr to help expand this more fully, Thanks everyone!