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Fiverr prevents me from using my own credits and ignores my tickets

4 months ago I converted my Fiverr private account into a business account.
I had 79$ credits, which was shown as a payment option when ordering gigs.
However, after converting my account to business, I suddenly can not see “Fiverr credits” as a payment option anymore. I assumed that this must a bug since business accounts are a new feature on Fiverr.

So I created a ticket and have been told that this issue is being reviewed by the tech team. The support team promised to keep me updated with news from the tech team (which never happened). 4 months passed and out of nothing the issue has been marked as “solved” with no explanation or whatsoever.

This was really disappointing. I have been really patient. Next, I opened a new ticket referring that the old one has been closed for no reason and that this behavior is unacceptable (see attachment).
Again, the ticket has been immediately closed.

Fiverr Support has been a frustrating experience for me.
I just wish to use my credits which belong to me.

Check this out: Fiverr Help and Education Center for Business Account articles which may be helpful to you.

Thank you for your message.

This is what I found out:

  1. When clicking on learn more (to merge the accounts), you will be notified that your personal Fiverr Balance will become “private.” Customers can’t spend private funds on a Business account. The only way to receive the funds back is from Customer Support.

So I merged the accounts and cannot use the Fiverr Credits anymore. The only way to get them back is by contacting Customer Support, which I did.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.

Here is the email address if you need it.

Hopefully they will get back to you soon.

In that case I would’ve go on Twitter and start tagging fiverr CEO.
That is indeed unacceptable just to mark tickets closed without any explanations.


Well I am used to it. This marking complete is a normal thing for me. I have currently 3 tickets with them and after every response of mine, they simply mark it complete. My issues are the same which i mentioned in my previous posts if you guys remember