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Fiverr prevents true growth for your business?


I love this app. It has helped me tremendously. My gigs are not in the 5 dollar range, and the chunk of my profits taken from the site can add up to quite a bit over time. I have recently begun to use the “And CO” app that Fiverr recently aquired. I have one client outside of Fiverr, and I love getting ALL of the money that I have earned. I feel Fiverr is a good intro point to gain relationships and connections with recurring clients, but, I’m not allowed to share my email. not allowed to ask to move to a different platform, not allowed to make any legitimate business connection outside of this site, none of that. I am grateful for this site but, in order to really grow as a business, it involves getting clients and sending invoices and getting all the profits, and being able to do business outside of this website. Fiverr is so against this. Anyone have any thoughts? I’m not about to do something against their terms of service but it really seems (for lack of a better word…) quite lame and limiting.


This is how this site makes money. You can always have your own site in addition to fiverr. Fiverr brings you clients. So obviously they want to be paid for that.


Obviously, I know that. Just in their ad’s they’re all about “the do-ers”, (unless you want to actually start your own business and not be chained to this platform forever). Just an observation. Can’t share your website, personal email, anything.


and it specifically sticks out because they encourage you to use the new app “And CO”… and in order to use it you’d need to get contact info for your clients and break all their terms of service. That’s why I just now brought it up as odd. I know that’s how they make money. The question is, how do you successfully phase out Fiverr and grow your business with your new clients, without breaking the terms of service here?