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Fiverr Price...limitation is not helpful, how do you get rid of the limitation?

Fiverr price limitation…

How do you get rid of the limitation?

I found this limitation not as helpful as a freelancer who tries to give more benefit to the clients.

I don’t understand what you mean by “limitation” would you like to explain so that we can help you?


Move up the levels, and you’ll see lots of benefits:

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I want to sell my service from $1200 to $5500, but the limitation is stuck at $995.

This is not working for me…

That’s what I mean “Limitation”

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Hmm, I just don’t understand the meaning of “Levels”…

You’re a new seller - you’re at level 0 if you like. You need to build up your sales and reputation before you can charge larger amounts.

You;ll be promoted to level 1 when you hit 10 sales with other criteria, as laid out in the levels link I gave you.

For more information about selling on Fiverr, please see:

Added - I don’t think you can charge more than $995 for a gig anyway, unless you apply for PRO, as @bia4online suggested.


if you are really a skillful person then at first start from low price then you get level and you can also use custom offers and if you want something big then apply for fiverr pro :slight_smile:

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If there is some limitations in the charges applied then you must provide the service based on the charges and also can made more than one order for full services.

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