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Fiverr pricing do i need to charge my clients according to gig price in custom offer

Hello! Fiverr community well i want to know a thing at the beginning i setup my gig for 5 dollors but now when ever i got client msg i charge them differently not according to my gig price.
Is it oky?? I want to change my gig price but i am afraid because i dont wana loss my rank


I think changing gig packages price would not affect gig ranking, From my previous experience. And you can send any amount more than 5$ in custom offer according to your job.

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Are you charging more for the same service described in your gig at a set price? If so, you are just drawing them in with a fake price just to raise the price after initial contact. I would never work with a seller using these tactics. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother reporting them but others might.


Not at all but after some time i realize that 5 dollors are not enough for that service that is why and i give them a quality work and my clients dont mind and they are oky with that.
I am just saying that by the time i realize that 5 dollors are not enough :relaxed:

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If in your gig description you state that you will do a, b and c for $5, and then charge more when buyers message you even though they’re not asking for more work than what you’re offering in your gig, it’s bait-and-switch, and it’s strictly forbidden (not to mention it’s dishonest).

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