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Fiverr PRO after 17 months, cursed or blessed?


Did most buyers prefer the PRO gig?
Will you like to become a PRO seller?

As a TRS for many years, I wanna give PRO a try but am also doubting it. It’s not affordable to most of the buyers on fiverr so your sales will decrease and may lead to earning less. As I knew most PRO are invited to the platform as VIP, they not relying on fiverr to earn their income.

I see a lot of PRO gig in my category still never done any sales after all these months, but fiverr keep pushing them on social media & good ranking on the search result page, it seems cursed by the market, blessed ONLY by fiverr. I found out most of the longtime seller like myself dislike the PRO seller who suddenly takes advantages & ‘penetrates’ into the platform with such VIP treatment.

IMO, I wish fiverr can consider the following:

  • Allow PRO gig start at a more affordable price? (like $50).
  • upgrade current good selling gig to PRO gig and kept all their ratings and reviews. (fiverr can make very strict upgradable terms for this, like over 1k sales with 5 stars ratings, good customer service, and unique gig)
  • 3 days fund clearing for PRO gig.



You’ve already created threads and written a lot of posts on this topic like several times before.

A lot of people (including many pro and TRS sellers) have already given their opinion about it. So, what’s the point in creating yet another thread on this topic? If it is not the opinion of other forum users that you are looking for (cuz they’ve already shared their opinion in several posts in the past), then what is it that you want? Do you really expect Fiverr to change it to your liking just cuz you think it would be helpful? Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure such a change would be great… However, I am not so sure if Fiverr has the same opinion about it, too :thinking:


It’s different this time because my category was changed and there are lots of new PRO sellers but after several months they still have 0 - 2 sales.

Few days ago I received an email from fiverr pro team and ask do I want to resubmit for approver to PRO so that’s why I create this topic.

fiverr not always NOT listening to us, they are actually listening and watching us.


They - PRO Seller - have proven records and experiences. Say, those brand designers whose works have been featured on Behance (or any other platform and media) several times, holding the education degrees that directly related to their profession, and so on. They have dedicate years and money for education and works before they deserve to be paid for $300+ per project. Since they came to Fiverr with solid portfolios and have been proven to be competent (off Fiverr review, etc), i think they are deserved to get better benefits than longtime seller . Logically, if you know that they got low sales on Fiverr, there should be something to be offered by Fiverr in order to make them stay longer on this platform :smiley:


Its not a matter if buyers prefer pro gigs & 50$ is a nothing price for professional services. There are buyers here with very deep pockets who have no problem with paying for services without even questioning the cost if it is what they want. The price point is not the factor, the service is. As for being a pro seller. I don’t see the obsession with it. If you offer professional services your buyers couldn’t care less what you are called.


I think it’s a great opportunity for anyone who can get it.

The question I have is if you can continue to keep your current non pro gigs or not. I do know some pro sellers who do very well, better than they did as TRS so it’s just up to you and what you make of it.