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Fiverr Pro Application Denied But Unsure Why?

I applied for Fiverr Pro. I have over 10 years of experience as a designer, I own a web design business, I have a college education, a full portfolio of my work, and I filled out my application 100% complete including the video telling Fiverr more about my web design business. Yet my application was denied without a clear reason as to why? If anyone else has gone through this process and has some insight they could share with me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!


I see that you don’t have any gigs at the moment… perhaps it has something to do with that.


Many Sellers daily or would say hourly apply for Fiverr Pro.
It is a Hard Process to Get the Badge.
You will have a lot of completed Projects with good Feedbacks.
Fiverr will ask your Customers experience about you when reviewing your Application.
So I will suggest you to Build you Portfolio first and then Apply for Pro.

Some Sellers get it without having any ratings and orders , I don’t Know how Fiverr gives them that Badge.

Fiverr just selects almost 10% of applications to be approved.

Hope it helps for you.

Thanks a lot


Thanks for the reply! :slightly_smiling_face: That’s what I was thinking it might be - I’m pretty brand new to Fiverr and I haven’t set up a proper seller account yet. If that is the issue, I really wish A) they would tell me that in my rejection email so I know what steps to take next and B) they would make it more clear on the application that that will be a factor in the decision.

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That does help - I’ll get started on setting up a seller profile and see if that helps. Thank you so much!

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Well… The Pro application is complicated. The thing is, it seems it isn’t enough to be a professional in your line of work to get accepted into Fiverr Pro. They hand-pick the sellers based on other things like how many followers they have (being influencers), what clients they had (the local car-dealership isn’t what they’re looking for), so you’ll probably need some big clients under your belt etc.

It could also be that the category is full, and they don’t want more pro sellers.

I applied for pro in 2019, got rejected due to my small niche (I’m a Norwegian VO), and that was it. No hope. They only want people who worked with Google, Apple etc. so they can market Fiverr pro as a place to get the top talent.

They are competing with sites like Toptal, who claims to sell you services from the “top 3%”.


You can Check this Forum for more information


Feeling Happy to help you

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But yes, being a successful seller on Fiverr may help. Still, many of the pro sellers never had a single gig here on Fiverr before Fiverr Pro came around.


Yes, Many sellers get the Badge without having a single review or gig.
I think that Fiverr just pick some random Applications and approve them… (P.S. Just Joking Fiverr do it by manual Checking but I seriously don’t know how the new sellers get Pro Badge) :sweat_smile:

Ahhh - that could have very well been a factor (followers and big-name clients). We have a small following on social media, but we’re still growing our numbers. And our clients are local businesses and non-profits, so nothing to name-drop there. That’s really a bummer :frowning: I honestly thought the whole point of becoming a Fiverr Pro was to share your expertise and deliver top-quality customer service. Sounds like it’s more of a popularity contest, though.

Well, I’ll still get a proper seller account up and running and see if that helps. Thanks again for the help, everyone! I really appreciate it!


Thank you.

Keep your Hard Work going on and don’t lose hope…

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It is my understanding that accepting new Pro sellers is on hold now. So probably no one is being accepted at this time.


I got in without any sells and reviews. You can be a freelancer outside Fiverr also great resume and portfolio is more important than 200 review on 5$ gig.
In my category there are exactly 4 pro sellers in 1800 gigs so is probably lower than 1%.


Hi, my experience as Pro seller.
I applied directly to Pro without working on Fiverr before that. I worked in Microsoft before and now I have my own consulting company in London.
Honestly, my rates on Fiverr and out of there are high so if I wasn’t approved on Pro I would probably not work on Fiverr as I think the competition to drive down prices is too strong.
What helped me was that I send everything: my portfolio, my CV, my research papers from university, my LinkedIn profile is very strong ecc…
Also one of the question is your rate so it is important to write high rate so they are sure that you are valuating your work highly.


I think Fiverr selected about 90% of Fiverr Pro Sellers from outside the marketplace. I have seen many say they were invited by Fiverr without being members of the community. Then the remaining were chosen from Top Rated Fiverr Sellers. I tried applying and got rejected. I have provided 100% fundraising business plan writing satisfaction over the years on Fiverr and worked with big brands on confidential projects. Fiverr Pro undergoes a conscious selection process by Fiverr.

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