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Fiverr Pro application not progressing

My Fiverr Pro application has not had any progress made on it since filling out the application form 3 months ago. Anyone else finding it’s taking this long after submitting the initial form?

It also has a section for supporting documents however it is in read-only so I cannot add anything to it.


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I’m petty sure I’ve read that some applications sit in ‘pending’ for years. One moment and I’ll try to find some of those threads for you.

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Uh, you might want to fix the typo in your degree in your profile.

That said, what category did you apply for? All your gigs look to be in photography (very nice, btw), and according to this: not all categories are being considered for Pro (though that article is a year old).


You might want to contact CS and ask them how it’s going. I did that after around a year (I forgot about it) and they rejected my application within an hour after I contacted them about it. Which makes me think they forgot about it also.

I believe Fiverr isn’t looking for any new Pro sellers currently, in either specific categories or all categories. Thats what some sellers on the forum claim.