Fiverr Pro Application: Tricky Question


I applied when the “Category Enhancement Initiative” (or whatever they called it) was first announced, and then when they updated the form and began calling it Fiverr Pro, I was told I had to re-apply. I just did, so fingers crossed :smile:

One thing that got on my nerves was the part where they ask you to (1) explain what you need from your buyer to start working and (2) explain your work process in 3-5 sentences. Then they give you five boxes to describe some clients/brands you’ve worked with previously.

But, the next page asks:

  • How many iterations do you typically do?
  • How long would that project take you?
  • How much would you charge for that project?

They didn’t ask me to detail a specific project and my prices range significantly, so I just averaged the cost of the five projects I described. What did I miss?


It’a a Tricky Question indeed.