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Fiverr Pro Application Update

I applied for Fiverr Pro a few months ago and I received a response from Fiverr saying that they are not adding additional Pro sellers to the Pro service. Does anyone have an idea when will it be reviewed again? Also it would be great if you can have a look at my profile and see if I’m eligible for Fiverr Pro. The questions that I have in mind are:

  1. Shall I add more gigs to become Fiverr Pro?
  2. Shall I increase the price of my current gig because I’ve seen Pro Sellers charge a lot?

This is my profile link:

Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.



The number of gigs you have and the prices you charge are likely to be far less important to Fiverr than your professional background – your notable clients and projects, your portfolio of work, your qualifications.

The Pro program was set up to recognise extraordinary people, not extraordinary Fiverr profiles. Other initiatives, such as levels and certain badges, aim to recognise the latter.

To learn more, check out this page:


Thank you for you reply. I actually looked into it and tried my best to fill up the application form. Also I was confused about the category because there was no selection for category. Does Fiverr identify the category itself?

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If you go to the link AHM provided and read the article, all is explained. :wink:


Fiverr stopped accepting new Pro sellers.

I assume they will announce any new openings when and if they occur.

Re: your question
I don’t think your profile is Pro material.
However there’s no reason for you not to try your best to offer a premium service and charge higher. No need for a Pro badge in order to do that.