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Fiverr Pro badge - great pro sellers finally arrive! - offering logos at 3k$ basic gig price LOL

I mean seriously, who in their right minds will shell out 3k$ for getting their brand logo designed?? :joy: I don’t want to mention any specific seller name but I’ve seen a couple of new arrivals with “Fiverr Pro” badges offering their gigs at such price. They have 0 sales and their favorite count is already upto 10 (another LOL)

My point is… it seems some sellers think their “pro” badge status will convince any buyer about their so called “elite” status and they will be ready to shell out that ridiculous amount for a job which other level 2 sellers are offering at 5$

STOP LIVING IN YOUR FANTASY WORLD AND CALLING YOURSELF A “PRO SELLER” … you’re nothing but a wannabe and in desperate need of money not the work…


Did you send that message to the pro seller?


yes yes yes yes yes yes (20 character)


so you are admitting to messaging a seller with a fake offer that could possibly lower his rating if he doesn’t get back to you quickly?
You’re a special kind of *ss aren’t you?


And for that I award you the childish badge of the year. You have behaved in a very childish and unprofessional manner. Sending that message is considered as spamming and if fiverr decided to dig further into the matter you could kiss your account bye. If a seller decides to charge 0.1 or 1000000000000 it is their own will. I won’t even try to continue this conversation, maybe other forum members will.


You know, if someone sent me a message just so they could post it on the forum as a mockery of my service, I would hope that someone would report it as it would be extremely irritating.
That’s why I am going to report your behavior.
There are enough time wasters on Fiverr without sellers openly showing off their “hilarious joke” on the forum.

Edit: On reflection, I decided to contact the seller in question to ensure they didn’t waste time creating a detailed response to your message. They can report you themselves if they choose.


okay. I didn’t expect this to go like this…

With due respect that wasn’t my intention. I was just highlighting the fact that some new sellers are trying to misuse the Fiverr Pro system and quoting whatever price that comes to their mind in hopes of making it big just because they have a “pro” badge

I am not fooling around here. I myself applied for Fiverr pro badge. I too get spam messages in my inbox from unknown buyers who message me irrelevant things not relating to my gig but just mentioning their e mail addresses and asking me to contact them.

I don’t care what your intention was. You posted a fake offer to a seller and then screenshot it and put it on a public forum. That’s abominable. I hope CS takes you to task for it.


Funny it is to see very generic and over priced gigs are PRO sellers, Even new sellers who made zero sales by now are PRO sellers… When i submit application for PRO seller i was asked such questions that it made me feel like the selection is all upon editorial team. I also thought TOP quality gigs will receive PRO thing. But no i wasn’t selected for pro being 100% positive seller with returning customers. Also i am seeing people getting Featured with 30 reviews or less and has nothing special with them.

Fiverr is behaving very very strange to me now a days or maybe i am in my bad days :smiley:

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Actually, the rest lies in the hands of the pro seller you sent that message to. If that seller reports your message (which I assume they will since it breaks Fiverr’s TOS), Fiverr will see it, and that message cannot be deleted…

So the forum should be the least of your concerns right now :confused:


Look friend, prices are higher than ours, i’m a designer myself here and their prices are higher than mine, but i personally charge similar prices in local projects, or outside of Fiverr. I’m not talking for 3k$, but i’m talking for 300-1k$.
I know that there are a lot of great new sellers, level 1, 2 and top rated sellers who have great skills, but the reason that those guys are selling higher prices is that they are well known names in the industry. You will see that they have worked for big brands and know how to handle corporate size clients, or clients with higher budget. Those clients require a brand not just a logo.
Having a logo design made and having a brand created are two separate things.
A Brand is way more than a logo, while a logo is an element of the brand that represents a brand, but there are typography, color palettes, and specific guides on how and where to use a logo. Those guys are offering that type of service, at least most of them.
So, if you will ask me, even though they are my direct competitors, i wouldn’t doubt their skills. We may be very good too, but we still haven’t got the pro badge, and i haven’t applied yet, until then, we should respect each other, including those guys who have Pro Gigs.

I told you, i don’t agree with Fiverr on how they have ranked those gigs, but freelancers don’t have any fault on Fiverr searches.



@jhallawalla To your point regarding pricing, you are clearly not the target market for these gigs so why would you worry about it?
There are others who would see a $200 price tag and think THAT is way overpriced, and they are not your target market.



-> You’ve applied to become a Fiverr Pro Badge Holder yet you’re mocking that very Badge with this post.

-> You sent a message to someone who has the Pro Badge and Fiverr will eventually see it.

Don’t you think this will limit your ability to achieve this level and receive this badge?
Your behaviour is definitely not suitable for a pro badge.

What you should do now:

-> Contact the seller you’ve previously made contact with and express yourself and say sorry.
-> Hope that he/she does not report you (That can result in an account suspension)

**-> Learn from this experience to only contact a seller if you are interested in purchasing a service from them.**

Best of luck.
P.S. -> Please don’t take my reply out of context, I mean only the very best for you and I genuinely noticed you were sorry for what you’ve done.


Thanks for the guidance. I’ve sent the seller my apology message.

I am NOT mocking the badge. I was shocked at seeing the gig price of that Pro seller who hasn’t even made any sales. I don’t care how big they are outside… but on fiverr they have made ZERO SALES. That’s the bottomline. So they shouldn’t take advantage of having a Pro badge to con people off their hard earned money.

and I know people here are highly judgmental. They always tend to kill the voice of an awareness post and make the poster feel like his the offender not the other way around.

Lesson learned: Don’t raise any awareness of any “weird” thing happening here on Fiverr… just mind my own damn business.

Otherwise I will be threatened to have my account suspended.


When I asked you if you sent that message, I was praying that you would say no, but then you threw at me so many Yeses. Did you expect me or the forum to pat you on the back and say congratulations?? I consider your act childish because it is childish, if you want me to prove it, I could simply take your message and forward it to CS the would say the same thing. You consider me ignorant, well that’s fine but ask yourself this, when you read all the replies what would you conclude?


I have opinions about all this too, but for now I’m just responding to you, partly hoping to actually help you out. First, while you may not care how big they are outside Fiverr (and many other people join you in that sentiment) I suppose some buyers out there might. Fiverr wants to gamble on it, so that’s their thing. The people who are new and have the Pro badge were actually invited by Fiverr to try this out. So, it’s just in poor taste to make fun of them and message them with annoying messages when they might even be confused right now.

I get part of what you are saying, it’s a big move on Fiverr’s part and possibly a crazy one. Maybe crazy like a fox and maybe just crazy. Fiverr made a big point of putting promos about Pro ALL over the place when they launched it, and a staff member posted about it on the forum. it was sure sudden, but it isn’t like there wasn’t material for you to read about how it worked. So, raising awareness about a weird happening is really fine, the forum has lots of posts that do just that. They aren’t always full of popular opinions but they do often have good debates. There is nothing wrong with that. Breaking Fiverr ToS to send fake messages to other sellers and coming to the forum to make fun of people is your problem, not the raising awareness part. Now, I see that you get that now, so you don’t have to yell at me for posting this, but I’m just saying - thinking and reading before posting can help you avoid such a poor reaction.


You sent a message to another seller in order to screenshot it and post it with a mocking post on the forum.
You have repeatedly insulted that particular seller and others in that category.
You have been “highly judgmental” of those sellers.
You have displayed a complete lack of professionalism.

From the responses, you have taken:

The lesson you need to learn is that your behavior is not acceptable to most professional people and they will not laugh along or join in with it.
Finally, nobody has threatened account suspension, nobody here has the power to do that. You were informed that your account could be suspended as a result of your action of spamming another seller.


Don’t worry bro kuch nahi hoga
Putting up questions and discuss about it is your right and everyone has opinion
Keep it just don’t abuse it and you’ll be ok


Thanks bro. I will try my best to stay away from the forums. It’s not healthy. I’ve had previous bad experiences participating here and getting targeted for being “negative” when in fact I was just expressing my opinions.


It wasn’t your opinion that was targeted here but your actions. If you can’t see that, then there really is no hope for you.