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Fiverr Pro - Good for normal seller?

As fiverr pro arrives, The new normal seller will reduce the sales ?


Depending on your niche, that might be the case…

E.g… If you are providing SEO services or Writing Services.

While your services range from $20 to $100, the Pro user could have the rates between $200-$500, that way making it quite affordable for some that wants something better.

But if you are in the Video Production Niche, that may be a different story as the gap the pricing is so big you could make an heart attack…While the regular video gigs tend to be between $25-$500…The Pro’s gig have a starting price of $2-3k…and going up to $10k.


I doubt it. Fiverr is built upon the services of “normal sellers”. Fiverr may be seeking to bring more prominence to Fiverr Pro, perhaps even make that a core part of this site, but I don’t think they are going to penalize their profitable sellers just because they want to make Fiverr Pro bigger and more well known.

The “normal sellers” are where Fiverr likely obtains most of its revenue.

Thank you so much for the kind information. :v:

I’m seeing the future clearly. If runs like this of phenomenon of Pro - ST. Levels day is very near to Fiverr itself and they are going to loose their level fallout!! :smile: