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Fiverr Pro: Have You Noticed a Decline in Buyer Quality Since the Roll Out?

Every day, it seems to get more and more absurd. Gone are the days when a buyer would place an order for an article and be done with it. Now everybody wants to sit down, have a cup of tea, and talk about what you can do for them for $5 - $10.

I can’t put up with such garbage and so I just tell people that this is not what I offer. The only problem? This means that at least 2 out of every 3 messages I get are destined for the trash can. It didn’t used to be like this though.

As for the bigger spenders. They are getting just as hard to work with. I just got:

_Hi, i need an explainer video done _

I have my script already, but i will need a voice over in American accent.

I have my logo and background music.

Here is the script below. I don’t want any 2D image. Check the example from this link

It’s the order instructions for someone who has just barreled in and ordered, even though:

  • I do not offer voice overs with my videos

  • I do not provide 3D videos or videography

  • I even go as far as to say, don’t send me your script. - I will make you one. (Because guess what? When you get a person like this, they send you what’s essentially a bag of horse poo and say “hey scripts ready :).”

The thing is, it just hit me. I am getting phenomenally stressed out by the increasing herds of mentalists coming through Fiverr gasping for breath for their destined to fail businesses. BUT - This stress has only been getting really under my skin since July.

It’s like July signified the end of usual day to day business on Fiverr. This and a shift in the user base from clients who were 70% great 30% fruitcakes, to 90% people who need to be fed by spoon and 10% ‘you know, it really was a pleasure working with you.’

So. Is this because of Pro? Have all the nice buyers been lured to Pro and left us lowly cheese for brains sellers with just hard to work with house flies? Or has Pro actually put a dent in the Fiverr brand and scared the 70% of great people away, only to be replaced by brain dead people with holes in their shoes whom Fiverrs new marketing efforts are just reaching for the first time?


hi cyaxrex

I’m relatively new to Fiverr and have done only 5 jobs so far but my experience has been very different. All the customers have been very nice and polite and the jobs have gone extremely smoothly. I really hope this remains this way but I guess it is early days.

I am a full time graphic designer outside Fiverr. When I get new customers I will see if they are suitable clients for me before I start any project with them. If I feel they are going to be too much trouble I politely excuse myself from doing their work. This thankfully doesn’t happen very often.

So to sum up I guess to avoid wasting much time its better to simply say “sorry but I can’t help” and move to the next client.


I can assure you that it is not limited to non-Pro buyers!


As a regular buyer of your services it pains me to say this but my suggestion for your videos would be to start at $25 minimum. I know it’s a risk and I know all the other good reasons for starting lower but the fact is that a video along the lines of what you offer for less than that is just too low.

You will genuinely be doing both yourself and your clients a favor. You, because you earn more and keep cheap :peach:s away and those clients who do choose you because of your product will get the benefit of you allowing more time for discussion/creation.

$25 is my minimum for my main services now and the difference I see is huge. Gone are the clients who want to chat all day - it turns out that those who are prepared to spend more are less likely to have time to sit around; they have businesses which may even be successful!

Since Pro came along, my income and average price has gone way up, like over doubled while my number of low price hassle clients has gone down to almost zero. I still occasionally get some looking for $100 worth for $25 and I have had to get used to saying no to some people but aside from that it is all gravy.


I’ve literally been wondering the same thing for the past week or so. Glad to see it’s not just me being paranoid.


If you work with a lot of realtors about 90% of them are unprofessional imbeciles from what I’ve seen.

Some of my big order buyers are far out there too lately more so than in the past, which almost never happened. And I don’t think we have Pro sellers in my section.


Maybe it’s kinda like a placebo effect? With how heavily Fiverr is advertising pro sellers it’s pretty easy to get the wrong idea about what Fiverr and is what the general prices are.

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Yeah, the thing is, gigs I edit die and my base prices for video work are already around $25 in a market saturated with knock-off videos all being flogged cheaper. That, though, is kind of sorted I won’t be offering videos on Fiverr after my license for one piece of software runs out in November.

Writing-wise… This is where the big problems are coming from. It takes an increasing amount of administration time trying just to get sales. messages need answering politely asap and then when later you score a $55 single writing gig off-Fiverr you start to think…‘Mmmmhhh.’ - This system has been turned completely around. Fiverr is the hard work now.

Great when you have people placing orders. Not so great when you just have people who want a hand to hold eating up your day.

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Yes they really need to re-think this newer policy of killing gigs when they are edited.

I need to raise my prices too but know that will be the end of sales on them.

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Hmmm, writing was never a main gig of mine but when I did offer it I had a minimum of $25 and it did not work for me. The only orders I got on it were from people who were buying other things from me and in the end it wasn’t worth it for me as I had other things to work on.

I have no idea how the search system works with regard to pricing but I have experienced big improvements in gigs when I have changed them a bit.

Realtors are harder work than trying to kill a rattlesnake with a toothpick. I’m kind of used to those now, though. It is just a trend in really really hard to even talk to buyers coming out of every direction who are ordering the wrong things, building their own packages, or just eating time.

Like I said. This has always been a part of Fiverr. Today, though, it’s a case of… This is actually out of control. I’m not working on Fiverr anymore. I’m just dealing with ever heavier hard to please and even understand people.

I’ve noticed what you are talking about too. Almost every larger order is from people who dictate what the spell will do and what it will cover, which is always beyond the scope of what is described on the gig.

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I don’t know what it is. For me, though, there is just too big a shift now in who my buyers are. Possibly people think everyone is a Pro on Fiverr. This is why the likes of Mr 5 Crushing Divorces & $10 to his name has suddenly been inspired to start his life coaching business and is eager to ask Brent on Fiverr how they can start building his dream for the $10 he has.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if everyone wasn’t doing the same thing.

“Tell me more about your gig.”

“I’m really interested in working with you, can you talk me through what you do exactly?”

“How does the service you offer work?”

Are they all mental? Can’t they read? When they shop, do they ask store clerks to explain the many virtues of bread to them?

People used to place orders. Now they just stare vacantly like they are trying to will their brief into your head and don’t really understand why you’re not getting it.


I can trash 1 out of 10 conversations. Most of them are seemingly sent by zombies and I have a hard time taking somebody serious right from the spot.

The whole thought process when I see that I have a message in my inbox has changed. In comparison:

2015: “Hey, a message from a potential customer. Let’s see if I can help.”

2017: “WTF! Another lunatic? OK, let’s waste some time on a pointless conversation.”


This is why it is so sad. I feel tempted not even to login some mornings. If I don’t I can start work quicker and go out. If I do, I’m swallowed by the Fiverr insanity time vacuum.


I only come to the Fiverr forum for it’s entertainment value when I need a short distraction from what I’m doing.


There are exceptions, but there´s definitely an inverse correlation between time spent on all the trappings and the money involved, i.e. the more money, the less talking. I can´t say I noticed that only since the roll out, though, I think it´s been like that all the time for me.

I don´t quite like the term ‘buyer quality’, BTW, but that only as an aside.

Oh, but I do have those ‘Nah, I won´t log in but just work while being logged out’ mornings too, mainly because over time I got more fed up with time wasters, both buyers as well as sellers/spammers, though, not because they got more. I think, at least. :thinking:

These people don’t turn into buyers. They are time wasters. I always tell them that I explain it when they order then they disappear. They want to be entertained by you trying to get them to buy something.

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By the way, the introduction of Flagging Gigs is a potentially huge step which shows that Fiverr are at least looking at improving the quality/removing those that violate ToS. If it works well it could be a huge step forward and could enable the better quality sellers to be paid what they deserve.

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Flagging gigs? Why didn’t you just say, ’the unleashing of masses of perpetually disgruntled people with nothing better to do but trash sellers by reporting them to a robotic CS department is about to unleash apocalyptic hell?'

Thanks for the coded warning.