Fiverr Pro Home - I'm SO Done



Just wanted to take a moment and appreciate all the effort Fiverr is putting in to alienate the majority of their sellers. Great job. Every time I think it can’t get any better to my pleasant surprise it does.

The only change I hope Fiverr makes is changing the color of the font to rainbow so that it keeps distracting me to use it everytime I look at the screen.

New fiver pro home
PROs promotion will push the Regular Sellers to the Wall
I think new "Fiver Pro Home" Menu affecting my sales
PROs promotion will push the Regular Sellers to the Wall

As I can see, Fiverr completely goes to Fiverr PRO, and soon it will be no place for regular sellers here.


Nice shade of turquoise though! :slightly_smiling_face:


I know but it’s nearly not as as obtrusive as it can be. It only catches my eye every 1 out of 3 times I look at the screen.


Just in time for everyone that wants to spend $1000.00 on a logo on fiverr. I repeat… on FIVERR :joy::joy::joy:


Hrm. :thinking:

So, I navigated to the home page and got this. :arrow_heading_down:

Hovered my :mouse: over the categories and it takes Buyers to all da PROS.

It’s definitely more exposure for da PROs, the rest of us are just chopped :cut_of_meat: liver. :smile:

Btw~One of my fave colors. :grin:


Looks like the site is being updated in real time so everyone should expect some issues.

It’s amazing when you think about it. We have to verify our ID just to keep selling on Fiverr and then there’s a very limited group of people that get their own homepage.




Think like a buyer. I just looked at this and saw a $1K plus gig with 8 reviews and a 4.8 star rating. That’s me never going back. Also look at the numbers of reviews overall. They’re pathetic considering Pro has been a thing for over a year.

Fiverr is desperate. Let them keep trying to flog Pro if they want. A Pro marketplace has Pro features like… Oh, I don’t know… Shopping carts, low transaction fees, fewer than 5K+ copyright infringing gigs etc. At present, Pro simply screams: LOOK! EXPENSIVE STUFF! PLEASE ALLOW US TO SNEAKILY STEER YOU INTO BUYING SOME!

Let it go and just watch it keep on floundering :slight_smile:


I would If it wasn’t such a fabulous turquoise color. I just can’t keep my eyes off it!


Well, now we know where the newly added rubbish fee is going. :no_mouth:

Don’t get me wrong, I like expensive shit, but some things are just not worth :shopping: buying.


You can no longer filter by PRO on the normal categories. Hence, I assume, the dedicated PRO area.


What is telling about this is that Pro shows all Pros in grid style category pages. Meanwhile, category pages for regular Fiverr are still dominated by scroll down lists of the same Pro sellers which make getting to regular sellers harder.

It’s just so obvious that Fiverr is trying to steer people to buy Pro. Also, looking at some Pto reviews, it is clear that a lot are still being left by Fiverr and that some Pros would have a hard time keeping up with St Levels. That isn’t professional in my book. They should just rebrand the whole thing Fiverr Greed.


Oh, looky, they got nice shiny headers, too. Hmm, just rub it in deeper 5r. :pineapple:


Not to say that the ranking system is so ducked up as it seems randomly…


Might as well just go on and call it something completely different no? I don’t really see anything wrong with Pro, it’s just that the placement of it is a little strange when it runs in conjunction with what Fiverr is/was originally known for- services at a budget. They ought to tagline it:
"Fiverr, a place of two extremes"


I will most likely create a few High Quality samples… and I will try my luck there, I’ve heard that the reviewing process tends to take a few centuries.


Fiverr, what a digital marketplace for extremes!!!


Top Quality, hand-picked professionals, trusted… So everyone else is just a crappy ole seller that you can’t vouch for? Really fiverr? As a buyer I need more info and what exactly is the difference between a $5.00 and a $1000.00 logo? They look just the same to me :confused:


What I want to know is what is the difference between a WiX website built by me using the WIX drag and drop website builder, and one built by a Pro for $1k?

I mean seriously, doesn’t WIX exist so people don’t have to pay web developers?