Fiverr Pro Home - I'm SO Done


There was a Shark Tank pitch that reminded me of Pro. It was a guy who had a site/app where you could hire professional people for experiences. The “pros” in this case were present or ex experts/influencers in their field. Like a US international women’s soccer player who could be hired to train you, pro skaters etc.

The presentation looked really good but then the planned implementation and other aspects were extremely poor.
As I recall, the sharks ripped it apart for various reasons but I can’t remember what it was called or find anything about it.

Anyway, that’s how I feel about a lot of Pro - great idea, poor implementation.


I was gonna complain about the fact that they just went with the “let’s stick loads of good-looking people in an ad and hope that works” approach but it would be awkward if I said that now :wink:


You’re telling me. :woman_facepalming:

By the way, we need better facepalm emojis.


Dear Fiverr,
I’m really ok that you promote your Pro sellers.
But at the same time please DO NOT forget the other sellers who were been with you for many years & helped you to reach where you are today.
Because, some sellers are totally depend on you and they’ve already left their jobs as they happy with Fiverr.
Hope you’ll not let us down. :pensive:


Dear people who are unhappy with the whole Fiverr Pro thing;

Don’t you see that it is actually a good thing that an outsourcing website encourages to customers to $$value design more?

I’d be more angry at the fact that you are creating a logo for…10 bucks. And all that, set a bad standard.
Low prices in design are OK if you just started, and want to build your portfolio and practise while earning money.
But what happens when you already have many many years of experience and worldwide the
graphic design outsourcing became so cheap?
And you have to compete with people that would work on a design for 10 hours and charge… $5
THAT is sad.

Fiverr Pro is a good thing if you have years of experience. And if that’s the case, you should apply instead of complaint. And maybe stop selling your time and expertise for very little money. Leave that to the starters!
Value your knowledge and talent!

That’s my opinion.
Regarding flaws, everything that is new has flaws.

Best to you all