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Fiverr Pro Home - I'm SO Done


This is precisely my point. It is a slap in the face to any seller that provides good quality service. I am not saying that Pro sellers provide low quality but man, there is no to very little difference to many others out there. Not really happy about this.


Also new PRO badge!



Yes, for the next gig take an orange, bite in it and charge 10k :confused:


LOLz, even the rating is :dress: dressed in turquoise, how cute. :grin:


I just saw a Pro seller who delivers exactly what I deliver for $10 but at least 10 to 50 times more expensive, with different colors, fonts and spinned text. And obviously there’s no chance for me to charge that much, ever.

I also have no means of discovering how he got his hands on my work to inspire himself to deliver the same stuff (I bet one of my existing clients gave him my work, something like “hey, I just got this work from another seller, how can you help me?” and hands out my work that carves his future on Fiverr :expressionless: )


This is what originally put me off Pro forever. Pro sellers (legally) selling 15 second videos made using $50 istock clips for $500 - $1000? No way. People who buy Pro gigs like that will need to be certifiably stupid.

Sorry someone stole your SEO report gig :frowning:

I take it you are pay for a license from a third party which generates reports featuring your own branding? I did look into that myself but I hear on the grapevine that paying the same kind of money for press release distribution services can be a bit more lucrative :wink:


How is it fair that PRO sellers appear both on our homepage and on their homepage ?

That’s just unbelievable :angry:

It’s worse, because I’ve made my own work, my own text, with just the numbers/stats taken from specialized SEO tools, and that’s what that Pro seller did, even the delivery structure is the same as mine :angry:

I would’ve understood if he just generated a template report with a tool, but it’s more than that.


Hey, Woofy! :dog2:

I get it 5r wants to attract BIGwig name industry people.

Now is a good time to expand your reach outside of 5r. I know you’re one of the OG of this website, but there comes a point when you’ve gotta take a step back and look at the bigger :framed_picture: picture.

As for ripping off your work, I’m not surprised. I recently spotted a PRO Seller using a logo design from a popular freebie site. Go Figure! :woman_shrugging:t4:

People can shout from the rooftop that we can raise our rates. That’s fine & dandy but 5r is campaigning hard for the PROs, so why bother?! :confused: Lvl1, lvl2 and TRS are not eating up the exposure like the PRO Sellers.


i do not want to be a pro…i want always to be a regular seller and earn money to get pizza,zinger burger and chicken piece :money_mouth_face:


It sounds like you have created your own product.

If you have created a template you use in Word or a similar application, the metadata on saved files can be used as evidence of copyright fraud. Report them to Fiverr and notify your competitor that you expect to be compensated for every delivery they make :slight_smile:


He made his own template/documents with spinned/trimmed text, but same structure, same idea, so he made sure it’s hard to impossible to do anything about it. He must have spent a bit of time to adapt my work to his own template, so that there’s no trace back to me. He’s a pro, remember? :wink:


Its the template design which stands in court. :slight_smile:


See none of this sings professional and hand selected to me.

Interestingly, I’ve also just found a PRO and TRS who seems to have some seriously obvious review manipulation going on. I don’t say that lightly knowing how important it is not to speculate on such matters. The thing is, it just looks so obvious…


Do Pro sellers get a green light on promoting their own websites in gig descriptions, videos, etc? Because I’ve seen several doing that, some doing it masked through a shortened URL, and as far as I recall that was a definite no-no :smirk:

Anyway, there aren’t many Pro sellers right now, so they definitely get some special treatment, but once there will be many of them, things will start falling apart for some of them…


For other it’s the same yellow :smiley:


It’s very obvious, how can these PROs be hand-vetted? :thinking: It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m playing devil’s advocate here, I’m sure there are amazing PRO Sellers who deserved the title. However, there are more than a few shady bunch that makes my eyebrows curl into knots. I spotted one using a profile pic of a beautiful & busty babe (celebrity). smh

I didn’t waste my time reporting it.

@Woofy31 I’m curious did you apply for PRO? Turned down? I don’t remember if you did or not.

Andy, you’re a very smart & articulate guy. I’m sure you’re working on building your brand outside of 5r. :cup_with_straw:


I did, I was turned down because it wasn’t open yet in my category.

After it got open in my category, I didn’t reapply because of the strong ubiquitous importance given to social presence, which I don’t have as I never found a need to invest in that side of the web life.

I’m working on that, too… just in a different niche than what I do here.


I want to report that friggen pro section on the website. WTH do I do that? -.- :joy: @wp_kid you are a moderator, DO SOMETHING! xD


Ya , I will send an application to make me a PRO !!


So you can’t be Pro because you’re a Facebook loner. (Like me, I don’t use SM at all). But someone can rip off your work and be a Pro because they have lots of Twitter chums?

That’s just wrong.