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Fiverr Pro invitation

I just received a message by editors_picks which claims to invite me to Fiverr Pro for free.
Is this a legit account?

Thank you!

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I don’t think they’d contact you via a message. I doubt that’s legitimate. I’ve gotten a few messages saying “We’ll help you be pro” etc.

If anything you can contact CS about it and they’ll tell you for sure.


Edit: You should also probably report them. If they are trying to scam you they are doing it to others too!

I believe it is a genuine Staff account but do check with customer service to be sure.
Have they asked you for any info?

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Thanks a lot. However their link sends me to the same address as the link on fiverr’s site.

They are a legit account and your gig is definitely what they are looking for.

I don’t think they will make your account a Pro one without you filling out the application and the interview part of the process but it’s definitely a good sign that they approached you and you can ask them questions.


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