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Fiverr pro is a joke right?


$4000.00 for a logo!?!


No, it’s actually not a joke. You should read this to understand why it’s so expensive:


I think it is disruptive to the system built here. I am a long time buyer here. the risk is high. there is so much stolen designs in gigs. there is zero ability to verify anything.

I looked through a few gigs, multi thousands with very little info about the designers and few examples in the portfolio. Because of a pro tag unknowing buyers may be willing to spend money wastefully.


Actually, Fiverr manually reviewed each Pro’s application form, their real-world credentials, previous portfolios and work history, social activity and all that. They were manually vetted :wink:

They probably don’t have a portfolio on Fiverr, but you’d probably be amazed by their real world portfolio :slight_smile:


If you have any questions about Fiverr Pro, I am happy to answer them here:


I am sure I could find stolen work in short time. I highly doubt fiverr reverse image searches each persons work.


I doubt the pro sellers are stealing others work. That would make zero sense.

If the prices are too high for you, don’t buy from them.

Outside of Fiverr in many categories there are sellers who sell for 10 to 20 times more than the pricing on Fiverr. Many are worth it, some are not.

Your choice. At the lower price points you may find an excellent value OR someone who is barely started and pretending. It’s an open marketplace.

Buyers are free to choose which type of seller they prefer.

Many of us are very happy they have the new Pro category. Ignore it if it doesn’t work for you.


PRO Sellers are very highly vetted by Fiverr. I am sure none of us would want to risk our lucrative PRO gigs just by stealing work from somewhere…


I agree, it wasn’t my statement originally. A Pro seller has tons to lose by stealing work from their peers, and tons to gain by doing an excellent job.


Oh I know, it was a general response, not aimed at you :slight_smile:


Oh but I know of a seller in my category that dazzled Fiverr’s review team with video templates from VideoHive.

I made sure to notify my SM, but it’s been 2 weeks and I did not see any actions taken.


Wow, so The Faux Pros are getting away with their faux-ness, just great. :smirk:


I think fiverr Pro makes a lot of sense from a marketing standpoint. It elevates the brand and lets those buyers who have larger budgets and more demanding criteria for sellers know that this site can deliver exactly what they are seeking.

No longer is fiverr just for the very cheapest buyers. It offers something for everyone.

As long as there are those buyers who have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on a purchase, fiverr is ready to meet their needs.


Misscrystal. I get what your saying. My point is fiverr has done nothing to curb listings full of fake work. I report things non stop and nothing is done. Why would I believe a badge corrected any of this stuff.


I choose to spend my time bettering my work, rather than chasing down other people’s work fake or otherwise. I don’t have a gig for Fiverr Policing.
I’ll probably be denied Fiverr Pro, but I work off-fiverr 6 days a week…sometimes seven offering the same services that I offer ON Fiverr, but at non-micro-economy rates (pardon my double hyphenation). I understand the need and reasoning behind Fiverr Pro from a platform stand point and from a seller’s standpoint. I don’t think it’s a joke, but I can see how some can…
I focus more on my average gig prices/custom offers and the quantity thereof. EVERYONE can’t be Fiverr-Pro, just as everyone can’t be a top-seller, but you find your niche and kick a$$ there.


This thread is irrelevant and unnecessary. We already have threads for this. @eoinfinnegan


Oh, stop it already. Another Fiverr Pro topic. I am doing a bunch of articles for a $400 order. Would I prefer to do just 1 article for the $400? Sure, why not. I have a decent house and live in an expensive neighborhood in Bangalore. Would I prefer to have a house like the one Bill Gates has and live in Seattle? Sure, why not? Am I angry or resentful because of it? No. Get my point? Thanks. [My point - be happy with your lot - there are millions below you and millions above you. Don’t let that bother you. Good day!] [Unless you are PM Modi, in that case there is no one above you. LOL I brought Modi even in a rant against Fiverr Pro :laughing: ]


my works can kill PRO sellers but i wish i could get pro or TPS soon.


Apparently, the way to counter the presence of this particular elephant in the room is to simply clap and shout about how great Pro is, as well as how well vetted all Pro sellers are.

Don’t stress about it. Instead, just wait for the first Pro gig rant to come along from an actual buyer and make sure to get some popcorn in.

That said, I did find a Pro-gig stuffed full of copyright infringed media but it seems to have disappeared. In this case, either Fiverr really is policing these gigs more like they care, or someone at the top just saw the post I made on the forum after finding it.


You have this absolutely spot on. It’s a different marketplace for different buyers with different needs.