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Fiverr Pro is an insulting and terrible idea

Fiverr already massively devalues the work of it’s artists. Now the site has started a class system. Trying to get proper value for my work was difficult before but now it will be impossible as a second class citizen. So you might say, why not become a pro then? Because the vetting process is some kind of behind closed doors bs, who knows, maybe i’ll win the lottery. Please just stop, help your “doers” to get compensated for their work instead of creating an elite class.


No doubt, there is mix reviews on Fiverr Pro. Some like it but don’t care for how it was implemented or the fact both Pro and Regulars share the same URL. Others are thrilled and are jumping in. I’m not too sure about the behind the scene action but I get your point. I think we all felt this way about one thing or another.

I wish you luck


I’m still finding on what grounds fiverr is throwing away pro tags to new sellers there should be a criteria of qualification in order to get PRO tag on gig.


Why? If they make the Pro sellers far more expensive, then you can easily compete by being a better value. Maybe you’re as good, maybe not, but if your quality is high and you’re not “Pro” you can raise your prices, still look good AND look like a bargain next to the high priced gigs.

If a super expensive food place is next to a McDonalds, does either get hurt by the other? The only time you lose is if the Pro user prices at your level, or you try to price at their level. Having them with high prices would make my prices and value be even higher.

There will be some buyers who check out the Pro tagged people and if you’re right next door, they will decide you’re worth checking out. The Pro concept should also bring buyers who expect to pay more for services, allowing others to compete on more than just price.

Not only that, but nobody is forcing you to be on Fiverr. If it doesn’t work for you, then there are other platforms or you can build your own site and do marketing for it.

Change is happening. Either adapt or do something different. Totally your choice.


Already nobody wants to pay more than $5, for anything on fiverr. I am going to move away from fiverr, as it stands I don’t even make minimum wage. I can’t even get level 2 seller as the volume of work is never enough. My point stands, fiverr is a race to the bottom and the pro thing is just going to make it worse.


Not because the fiver wants to change shape from the point of view of society. It helps that I am a logo maker who thinks the concept can get higher wages and I would love this pro fiverr. For that do not disturb my fiverr pro hahaha. Welcome all

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I get some of what you are saying, but I don’t get the “started a class system” part. If that was true, then Fiverr has had what you are calling a class system since almost the beginning. Level one and two are automated, but there are other levels and badges that are not automatic and have always been vetted from “behind closed doors.”

TRS is a level that is not automated and only portion of the qualifications are disclosed. Super Sellers have always been hand picked and there is no list of qualifications. The Ambassador badge is given only at Fiverr staff discretion and there is no listed criteria, although anyone can apply if they find the page to do so (just like Pro.) So, if you feel like a second class citizen over just not knowing exactly how to get a certain badge, then it was already happening years before Pro.


Just depends on how you work it. There are plenty of clients who will invest more IF you offer enough value. It’s up to each of us to figure out how to provide excellent quality to clients AND be profitable.

Pro actually will raise the bar and bring in some buyers who understand higher quality requires additional investment.

If you can’t figure out how to make it work, I’m sure there are plenty of other platforms that are a better fit for you.


And a bit of clarity is missing in the fiverr pro, I am going to give it a try though, yeah fiverr somehow has many luck factors. As I have seen people with less skills triumph on fiverr that those with, that is a fiverr thing, presenting very random opportunities. fiverr pro can get lot better with time lets see how it eventually rolls out to be. but kudos must be given to fiverr team for a regular updates on site and finding ways to better the buyers and sellers.

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You seem to be calling me out and or putting me down. I can show you numbers if you want? This cnbc article shows that Fiverr users make on average $103/mo:

So I guess you would say everyone except you on Fiverr just hasn’t figured it out? Are the pro’s in the industry charging $5 for voiceover work?


I’m not going to speak on behalf of @lisabaarns, but I do want to address something you used as a statistic. You mentioned a CNBC article that has been tossed about on social media quite a bit. I wasn’t that surprised by the stats in the article no matter where they came from, because if you did do a serious long-term study on Fiverr sellers, there are tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) who would be part of the overall percentage and who sold perhaps one to ten gigs, making less than $100 a year.

Then you have a handful of sellers who make six figures which is also well documented. If you were to run all that with the average sellers in the middle, it would show a number that isn’t that helpful, since it would be based on large numbers of users who barely use the platform, alongside some part -timers and some who really do push it full time. I know some of those who make 6 figures here and they are far in the minority. The average seller that I know personally (so speaking only from my viewpoint) makes less than a full-time living wage monthly but enough to offset their expenses well.

So, when I thought more about the CNBC article results, that made me feel that their stats might be skewed. I took at look at what those stats were based on. It says clearly in the article that the stats are based on “tens of thousands of Earnest loan applicants.” So, what that means is that they based that $103.month on people who listed Fiverr as a source of income on a loan application with a single loan entity. That takes away a lot of the value of the statistic, honestly.

Even so, I didn’t see anywhere that anyone put you down. You were the only who said that “it will now be impossible” to get work. There are still others who are getting work and I doubt many of them have a Pro badge at all. They may not make a full time living though, which is one reason lots of people diversify and call freelancing a “side hustle.” Most of the people who have a “Pro” badge appear to be new and haven’t made any money on Fiverr, so they probably aren’t getting $5 or $5000 for voiceovers yet. They may start earning later, or they may not. No offense intended, these are just my opinions.


I’m not calling you out. You’re normal.

Most people fail at business in the early stages. Try opening a restaurant, or dance studio, or go to any freelance site and you’ll see lots of people who don’t make much money (or lose money). Plenty of people fail at one business, then become successful at another. (There is a learning curve for most.)

If someone earns minimum wage on Fiverr, that’s because of how someone does it. I have no idea if you’re great at what you do, average or below. Every category has people do well, and people doing poorly. That’s normal.

If you want to look at articles, I’ve listed a few below. Those people have the same system as you and me, and they are making over 100K per year. They invested for a few years, learned, raised their prices, and built a business over time. Hard work, smart pricing, improve their offerings, get repeat business and word of mouth, and work the system.

So what does that say? It says some will do very well IF they do all the right things, invest and work at it. Most will NOT do what they did. So what? That’s still normal for most businesses.

Will you and I make more than minimum wage? It depends on what we do, how we do it, and the market. Just because I put up a gig on Fiverr (or any other freelance site) doesn’t mean people like my work, or people will buy from me again after the first time.

Nobody on this forum is concerned if you or I quit Fiverr tomorrow. Not their issue.

I read that Fiverr did over a million transactions per month in 2016. That implies they are doing far more than that this year. They are doing something right, and the only way they keep making money is IF buyers get enough value to return, and sellers make enough to say around.

Others ARE succeeding here, and enough are making far more than minimum wage, otherwise they would all quit too. That said, lots ARE making very little. Some are part timers, some don’t take it seriously, some don’t put it much effort. Not much different from other part-time jobs, and other freelance sites.

I did earn very little my first X months. That’s how most businesses work.

All the best whatever you do. You’ll find a perfect place for your services, but don’t blame Fiverr if you haven’t figured out how to earn money on the site. There are plenty who have, but it’s normal that wide sets of people don’t make much, at ANY business, especially in their first year or three.

Check out what these people have done. It’s pretty amazing.

Fiverr may still be the wrong vehicle for you.


What is this Fiverr Pro stuff people are talking about? Will it affect my gigs too?


Here you go:


Even more relevant is the fact that Earnest Loans offer subprime loans, to those who have been rejected elsewhere, aimed at students etc. Those who apply to that company are specifically low income/low credit rating companies.
In essence, this source of stats gives LITERALLY no indication about what the average on Fiverr would really be.


Your main gig only shows one price!
Sure you have extras available but your gig description says you will offer your service for $5. Why would anyone pay more?
Introduce packages with different options if you want to sell higher ticket options.

Justifiably increasing your base price is also a good idea as there definitely is a certain type of Buyer who seeks out $5 offers and nothing else. Putting some of my base prices (minimum order amount) was the best thing I did as it eliminated those buyers from contacting me and also made each order actually mean something. An average order gets 3-5 messages or more and to have that + the actual work in the gig for $5 was a waste of time for me.
You can’t really complain that people won’t pay more if you don’t show that you charge more!


As soon as I read the OP, this very thought popped into my head. The far bigger problem I see is sellers who have many great reviews, yet keep at the beginner price point. My experience with raising prices was the same as yours, all positive. My category would be so much stronger if the people who have proven their ability with thousands of great reviews would stop selling at the Wal-Mart rock bottom level and help raise the apparent value of the category by charging more. Only a noob trying to get to level 2 should remain at $5 for a ton of work with 24 hour delivery.

Far from worrying about “PRO”, I wonder how we ever create the image of quality work when seasoned vets in the category are in a race to the bottom as far as pricing?


I’m actually more interested in seeing how this “Pro” sellers do. I’ve seen some of their gigs and it looks like a lot of them are “new sellers” with no reviews or rating. I wonder if a “regular” seller in the same category would do relatively better because they have hundreds/thousands of reviews or if a Pro seller would do better just because the buyers see the new “Pro” badge.

What can I say, I don’t think the Pro accounts bother me right now because there’s no Pro for audio yet and whenever/if it arrives I’ll apply to get the Pro level.
I still don’t know what are the requirements to join, so I can’t say I understand why some people are frustrated about it. But in a vast market there should be sellers for every kind of budget/customer and the “pro” sellers don’t seem to be caring about the $5 buyers and there must be enough room to fill in the gaps.


Anybody noticed - WHAT a mimic about Pro gig, Even they didn’t implement properly - "just visit at any Pro gig then Click Social network sharing “twitter” button - you’ll get - that link will come like this “I will do so and so at $5”

what a joke - They said Pro gig with pro cost but why they are giving advertising social sharing link for pro gig in just $5 :wink:

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well i believe Fiverr knows Best…