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Fiverr Pro! New Thing

Whats is Fiverr pro. I have seen the video read the article but still not getting the point :smile:
Help! Help! Help! I wanna know what is fiverr Pro :grin:

It’s only available in a few categories. Sellers at any level (or no level) can apply if feel they have credentials that will convince Fiverr of their professionalism. To start, they have to create one new gig that is the best thing they can demo and fill out the application. The application may have changed, so this is based on how it was when I look at it some time back.

The application will probably include questions about how much you’ve sold on or off Fiverr, what kind of degrees or certifications you have, how many social media followers you have, etc. Fiverr will look over your credentials, social media, sales, any big-name clients, and the gig you submit. If Fiverr decides that you and your gig are amazingly good, they will give your gig the Pro badge.

If you look at other gigs with the Pro badge, you will probably notice that most of them are priced high. Most of the sellers seem to be people who have already been very successful in business. Some are social media influencers already. Some are also well known in their fields. That’s pretty much what I know how it, but I have not submitted a gig for it, so someone who actually has a Pro gig might be able to tell you more.

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I am 100% convinced thank you.

So the thing is I should not even think to apply for it :smile: