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Fiverr Pro peak in orders and empty periods

I am a new Fiverr Pro seller. When my first pro gig got approved I got a huge order in within 3 hours. For the next week I received around 8 order (200 euro avg. price per order) I rejected 6 clients because I didn’t had enough time and decline 2 orders that were made without talking to me first ( I was fully booked). I was over the moon.
Now in my second week I got barely 3 messages and no order for 5 day straight.
I optimized my gig for SEO and there are in first page so no problem there.
I don’t get why this change? Any advice?


I know that Fiverr gives a boost for a short time to new sellers by placing them on the first pages of the search. Possibly Fiverr gave you as a new PRO seller a boost? :thinking:


Well first off welcome to the platform.

Fiverr orders, Pro or not, are not going to be steady.

That being said, Fiverr as a marketplace wants to optimize making money.

So if you got a few orders in, got overbooked and started declining prospects or even cancelling orders, then Fiverr’s algorithm understood that you were at capacity and it ranked other gigs higher than yours in order to get the orders secured.

Remember: Fiverr does not make money if no sales are made. So the only way to optimize revenue is to make sure every single prospect finds a seller to facilitate the order ASAP.

Since you know what your capacity is, I suggest placing a limit to how many orders you can take on your pro gigs so that you won’t get any orders while super-busy.

But to be honest the whole point of Fiverr is to get orders in with as little friction as possible.

So you need to optimize things on your end, as waking up to orders is something you’ll find is not a given.


Hello, orders and sales go up and down. There can be some big swings back and forth now as you have experienced.

When you say you declined two orders do you mean you cancelled them? Maybe the site took that into account and decided to push other sellers to the spot you were in due to that.

I have wondered whether or not even if we see our gigs on the first page, our gigs might not be shown as widely, or possibly might not be getting promoted in ways we don’t see. It’s possible that you were being promoted or advertised someplace in your first week.

Being in the first row of your keywords and then being moved down on the page can also have the effect you mentioned.

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I also agree with this point , maybe that is the reason you are not getting enough sales now

I see you do market research. I was thinking of submitting a brief questionnaire to my clients asking them where they first saw my gig and how they found it. So that might help give some clues about what is happening.


To be honest, I would start by cleaning up your gig description.

It reads like a wall of text you have tried to stuff with as many keywords as possible.

You have basically listed what you do the same way manufacturers do the E numbers on the ingredients label of a microwave ready meal, that no one reads because they don’t want to feel bad about themselves.

Clean that up a bit, and you should be fine.


@cyaxrex Her gig appeared first on the first row under market research when I did a search on her first keyword of market research.

I don’t know if that is due to the keyword stuffing or not however. Looking at the next gig in that row, that keyword does not appear once in the description, so I doubt it.

There is also another gig of the OP’s in the second row with some similar keyword stuffing.

The description is indeed sort of a word salad as far as being easy to read and understandable. The description in the second gig is much better.

Have you ever tried to read any written things Microsoft puts out? They read like that and I see the OP used to work for Microsoft. :thinking:

I still find the gigs themselves intriguing. The sample market research report is very impressive.

I realized that when I entered the words market research into the search bar I was taken to a page of nothing but PRO sellers. I didn’t specify I wanted to only look at PRO sellers when I did the search.

It was a hunt to find out how to get away from all PRO sellers back to the regular listings.

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Thank you for the reply. It makes sense. It was my first week and I didn’t expected, now in my second week I am more organized so I can take more orders. I suspect that the decline is the reason.What I don’t undestand is that I access Fiverr with multiple devices to see my ranking and I am always ranked in first page ( 14th or 15th place) so I don’t get why if I am in first page I don’t get as much messages and orders as before.


Actually, I change it yesterday in an attempt to improve my SEO after I watched youtube videos. Before was more normal so that can not be the reason honestly. But I get what you are saying

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Are the words in gig description used as keywords during search? I was under the impression that we can have only 5 keywords in overview section.

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I watched many gig SEO videos and for what I understand you show have the main keyword 4 times in description and it must be a tag as well.But don’t listen to me as you can see from the comments my gig description seams like google translate :slight_smile:


It seems i need to watch gig SEO videos. Thank you for explaining this to me :slightly_smiling_face: Few days ago i tried to find my gigs by using a keyword in overview section, but couldn’t see them. Maybe this is the reason.

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Exactly what I have wondered about my own gigs. How is it that my gigs are on the first page in the same place where I was getting several orders per day but now get none.

It’s possible that for the majority of fiverr visitors, they do not see the same things we see and don’t see our gigs on the first page. I don’t know how else to explain it.


I don’t know. I tried without being log in, in incognito mode, with my sister devices hahah and I am always at the same place ( 15th).
Also the fact that the analytics is broken doesn’t help much


Problem solved people,after I delivered 2 orders I had the best week so far on the platform. SO maybe there is something in the algorithm to asses capacity.
I have another problem now. Got 900$ order out of the blue from a clients who haven’t spoke with me before. Also gave me vague requirements and doesn’t respond since than.
I should go on the guess here and hope for the best? Advice?


When you say vague requirements, do you have enough to do the job?
And how many times have you sent them messages? Have you sent them to the buyer’s inbox as well as on the order page?

If it’s impossible to do the job and they refuse to respond then you could send a cancellation request. You would have no choice.
You could send a note that since you are not able to discuss anything with them to get a response to your questions it’s not possible to complete the job. It may get their attention and they would then see they need to communicate.

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