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Fiverr Pro rejection letter is a joke

I am a verifiable professional in my field and my Fiverr Pro application has been rejected. Whatsmore, the email that I received suggests that the combination of my portfolio, industry experience and education is not up to standard, which is patently absurd. I have over twenty years experience as a brand identity professional and worked for some of the best London-based brand agencies. I have also serviced direct clients across the business spectrum (startups, SMEs and corporates) and covered a wide variety of sectors. This is properly reflected in my portfolio and professional online profiles. It seems to me that I’m not being given the right feedback or the team assessing my application is not sufficiently qualified…


Yeah. There is a lot of stories of highly qualified professionals being rejected that were posted on this forum. The niche you were trying to apply for is also incredibly oversaturated so this might have been a factor as well.

Also, fiverr has stated some time ago that they were not looking for any new pro sellers at the moment due to the high demand. I’m not sure where this notification pops up (if it still does) but it appears that currently no one is being accepted.


I like this paragraph. It would work nicely in your profile description.

As to why you were rejected, Lena is correct that they are not accepting anyone right now into the Pro sector.

Fair enough. Then they should say so, explicitly. Or, risk looking foolish…

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Well, it definitely had been added somewhere at some point because people keep complaining about it. I wouldn’t know, I just got the same letter you did years ago. After they lost my application and I had to remind them about it a year later.


Thanks. Whatsmore, those suppliers in my category who have qualified as Fiverr Pros look like they don’t have anywhere near the same level of experience or competence. Ultimately, this reflects poorly on Fiverr and is self-defeating…


As I was intimating, your account also smacks of incompetence…

Thank you. That’s very kind of you to asses the quality of my work. All the best.


Why do you say that? She’s fantastic! I’m not understanding where that came from. Fiverr is very lucky to have her.


*smacks of their incompetence, not yours. I wouldn’t be so rude to you…

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I think I see what you mean. Yes she should be a Pro for sure. I love her artwork.

It’s interesting that this is your reading of what I wrote. The focus is on Fiverr as an organisation, not on participants within this discussion. There’s no reason (yet) to comment on the competence of participants in this discussion…

Oh well my bad. …

Whatever that was, it worked better than the morning coffee. :slight_smile:

In any case, if there is a line/link about “you can reapply at any point” in that email, you can rework your application and send it again. They like it when you have big social media following so you might want to really make that part to stand out if you try to reapply.

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How silly of me to think that was a comment on any of the participants here.


To be clear, ‘your account’ means ‘your telling’ or ‘recounting of’ i.e. of your similar experience. As I don’t know you, I cannot tell whether you’re being sarcastic. My intention would have been clearer if I had written ‘their’ incompetence but this isn’t entirely necessary to access the intended meaning. I was about to edit my comment for the sake of clarity but you two had already responded. Regardless, your reading of this particular ambiguity tells us a lot about your state of mind…

To be honest it’s a bit rude.
I can tell for sure that I also read it the same as @lenasemenkova and @misscrystal

Nowadays people read information very fast especially in the forums and don’t have time to guess what you were intended to mean with that phrase.


That you didn’t stop to consider the possibility also says a lot about your state of mind. This is not necessarily a failing on my part. And not necessarily rude. As I hope you can tell, I write thoughtfully. This alone indicates that you should consider the propositions more carefully. Reading fast shouldn’t compromise comprehension. If it does, slow down…

Look, you took it personal on three people in this thread. What does it say about you then? (As it looks like you like judging other people and no matter if you write it thoughtfully or not)

P.S I wouldn’t reply here anymore. I would just leave it here to think if everyone took it wrong then maybe there is something with you not with everyone else.


100% this… (20 characters)

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