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I don’t be to be offensive towards the Fiverr Editors, I’m sure they had their reason for doing so. But, I just can’t understand how a guy like this (See attached file) was able to get verified for Fiverr Pro.

Could someone maybe help me understand?

Edit: This guy isn’t the only one. I’m seeing hundreds of people that have zero sales and extremely expensive gigs that are verified.

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Fiverr probably contacted them? (edit: just guessing). I heard that pro gigs are handpicked by Fiverr staff.

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So, most of them already have a website and a well running business. That sucks for us, man.

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@omernadeem I have no idea what requirements needed to have a pro gig. I was just guessing. Don´t take it from me.

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Nah, I checked. Most of them have their own websites.


@omernadeem But they will have a different target market and you will still have your own target market.


I’ll guess: These people have a track record of clients who have paid over $1K for services before. They have enough experience and results that are strong enough the Fiverr staff thought they can justify their prices, due to their history.

They probably weren’t on Fiverr before because they were not going to try to sell gigs at $50, when they already had a successful business with clients paying $1000 or more for projects. The type of client looking for $1K projects are often different than those looking for $100 projects.

They may have never considered Fiverr viable for their marketing plan, now this program is different and gives them a chance.

If I was a manager, I’d consider a firm like this IF they can demonstrate X years of selling projects in the $1K and up range. That’s smart IF that’s how it works.

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But, don’t you think the people on Pro have an advantage? Like for instance, when a buyer looks at my profile he/she will only have the word of other buyers. But, when they look at these Pro guys, they will have the endorsement of Fiverr itself. That does tilt things in their favor.


@lisabaarns That does sort of make sense. Thank you.

@omernadeem I understand what you mean. That´s why some people think gigs that have the PRO label and gigs that don´t have a PRO label should be separated in different pages, or something like that.
It was discussed a bit in this thread.

Do you think Fiverr Pro wil make it? What are some Buyers Thoughts?

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So what? You can compete because not all buyers have that kind of budget. You can charge $300 or $500, and maybe it isn’t at the same level, but it could be strong enough that someone looks at the Pro sellers first, then decides for half the money they can get 80% of the results via you. (Don’t take that wrong, you may be better than someone with a Pro badge.)

The more high end, high priced sellers, the more room there is in the middle ground that wasn’t there before.

Before you were high priced if you had a $200 gig. Now someone doing the “same thing” for $700 or $800 looks like a potential bargain. Some buyers shop for the best, then buy something in the middle range.


Valid point. Its true that most people aren’t going to pay a $1000 for just logos. Maybe Google or Microsoft, but most people will go for Gigs <$100. But, there are also a lot of other people in PRO that are working at a regular price range ($5-$50).

According to this article, Google and Microsoft spent $0 on their logos.

˝…a great logo can cost thousands of dollars, but even a price tag of millions doesn’t guarantee that a logo will be good or adequate. And sometimes, logos that cost negligible amounts of money or are even free can go down in history with their iconic brand messages.˝

So, each to their own.

Don´t worry, be happy. :slight_smile:


Hey all, I am a Fiverr PRO seller and was approached by Fiverr to apply for, join, and set up a Pro gig. I imagine they found my external portfolio of work and decided to invite me based on that. Happy to answer any questions.