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Fiverr Pro Seller - Also happy to answer any questions

Hi folks, I have been a Fiverr Seller for around 5 years slowly building up my client base. Well over 1000 gigs sold now and was asked to move on to Fiverr Pro about 12 months ago. I was quite worried about the transition at first in case my income stream took a nosedive because of the requirement to increase my gig fees. The reality is that I am now earning more than before and seem to be working with much better clients.
I am an online session musician, producer and composer - so I basically write and record songs for people. I know that this will sound super cheesy…but Fiverr has been life changing for me. In February next year I’m retiring from my day job 5 years early because my freelancing earnings from Fiverr mean that I can.

I’m more than happy to share any tips with anyone that’s interested.

Best wishes,



Congratulation on your continuous improvement, and thanks for the valuable support for newbies. although the support you’ve offer is not necessary to me at the moment, but maybe in future I need it as background music for my videos. Currently I am not working on videos but it is in my future plans. So the topic you’ve created will definitely help us. Thank you again.

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Congrats Toby on your success. I have different gigs but still this is a very good gesture helping other sellers.

Hi Toby,

Thank you for offering your support.

So I am brand new to Fiverr, and want to ensure I follow correct protocol.
I would like to do voice overs, but don’t have any experience as yet.
I would like to add some basic demos in my profile.
Am I allowed to add demo voice overs, using a free script (Edge Studio put free scripts on their website), and then state at the beginning that it is only a demo.
Or perhaps, in my profile state that the demos have not been paid for and are just for example. I hope that makes sense.
Thank you in advance.

Welcome to forum @donnaleepomario, Yes you have a complete grip on your wishes and strengths for making it happened. Giving a challenge to own self is a great deal. No mater who comes to you for support in same manners which you are looking for. but I have an idea for you, Follow your burning desires and move ahead to post your first voice over on youtube or similar. I can bet people will follow you and you can attain your other interests too.

Thanks for the good wishes!

Hi there. I’m pretty sure that you can share your work or a showreel in your portfolio without any problems. I’d make sure that you own the rights to any of the content though and it must, obviously, be your own work.

I use videos in my gigs as I think it engages potential clients more. I often use a short video to respond to clients enquiries too as I believe it offers a more personal touch.

Hope this helps in some way.

Best wishes


Congrats that’s great news. Keep up the great work. Good luck

Maria S.

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I think sharing you direct number is not allowed here


Hi there @donnaleepomario, Sorry I know you meant well, but try to read the rules first before adding your contacts, this way you won’t violate Fiverrs rules. :smiley: Anyways welcome to the community.

and than

It is strictly forbidden to share your contact info on Fiverr.
Regards Humberto

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As I found you on right topic, but still a polite attitude is always remarkable and good for everyone.

Oh no I have just realised what I did, as I replied from my phone, and my signature with contact details is permanently on.
I will delete my reply.

thank you very much @netartica :slight_smile:

Thank you @netartica, I replied from my phone with automatic signature on email.
Hadn’t realised, but after reading the replies almost died of heart failure :-l
I have deleted the emails and will not reply from phone again.
oh dear…

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Sounds like Fiverr has been very empowering for your personal life and career. Thank you for sharing this!

Personally I would be worried about cancellations and chargebacks with this level of order.


It really has been empowering - thanks for your message. I take lots of time with clients to understand their brief fully before they place an order. I will usually supply full samples of work so that they can hear the full product in advance. This greatly reduces the chances of any cancellations or disputes. Many people would not be happy to work in this way, but I have real confidence in the tracks that I produce and it works for me.

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You mean, before they place the order? How do you prevent them from running away with your work?

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So I would usually leave a metronome click on the sample track as a ‘watermark’. To be honest, I would trust most of the people anyway. This might sound crazy but I have found that the buyers who look to the Fiverr Pro platform tend to be professionals who I trust anyway. Hope that helps.


I thought it might be the case, and no, I don’t think it’s crazy. Thank you for answering!


You’re very welcome. Sounds like you have an excellent sense of who you can trust and you’re exclusively engaging reputable, professional buyers. That’s impressive!

Thanks for sharing how you approach this. It’s very helpful.