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Fiverr Pro Seller - Also happy to answer any questions

There is a similar platform in a different country and language, where this Pro verified systems is about to be implemented.
And, I will be there starting next month. Now, my biggest worry is I get 4-5 gigs a day and most of my clients are looking for cheaper deals.
Now the price increase is what I’m worried about.
I’ve seen on Fiverr how the translators for example, have only 4 gigs in like months (I’m a translator by the way)
Doesn’t this mean your earnings will decrease?

Hi there. I can only speak from my personal experience. I had similar concerns when I transitioned over to the Pro platform. However, I am now doing fewer jobs than I was but earning considerably more. I guess it changes with the type of work that you do and the target audience but for me - it worked amazingly.

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Thanks for replying so fast! I hope the same thing happens with translation gigs. Thanks a lot Toby!

My pleasure. Good luck with your endeavours :slight_smile:

I’ve been curious about something for a little while.

When you move over to being a Pro, what happens to your old gigs? Do you have to make new ones, or do your existing gigs get converted over to Pro gigs?

I created new gigs with a higher gig fee. This meant that I lost the individual feedback count on those gig pages but kept it on my profile. It is a little scary when you have to ‘reset the clock to zero’ in your gig pages.

Ah I see, thank you.

Congrats Toby! I just activated my first gig today and hoping to get as far as you, any tips on how to rack in orders in a short period of time?

This is a very inspirational story, thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the message. I guess there’s no ‘silver bullet’ to doing this. The best advice that I can give is:

Make sure that you deliver quality
Under promise and over deliver
Answer enquiries immediately
Be yourself and show your personality in your communication
Always be polite and courteous
Be patient

This last one is important I guess. It has taken me a long time to build up my client base. Hope this helps in some way and good luck!

Thank you so much for this advice, I wil take this to heart

Would you please tell me how I go about verifying my phone number without a pc please?!!

i haven’t got a single order yet…i don’t know why
plus whenever i check, there are no buyer’s request.
I’m losing hope :frowning:

I’m sorry - I can’t help you with that one. Have you submitted a ticket to the Fiverr support team?

Hang on in there. It took me about 6 weeks before I got my first order. I just checked out your gig and, although it’s outside my area of expertise, I wonder if it’s worth you reducing your prices just in the first instance in order to get things moving? Also a video might help. Just a couple of thoughts.

yeah its been just 7 days i guess. And i have kept the costs very low as compared to the quality of my work, you know. i have worked with the local and international clients and they pay A LOT. But fiverr is giving me a hard time :frowning:
But thank you so much for the advice, and I’m working on the video :slight_smile:

oh i see thank u very much

Is Pro worth applying to? Some pro sellers have no orders in queue, and one’s profile says they haven’t made a delivery since 2017. Do most people who go pro make a good amount of money? Enough to supplement their income or even make a living?

Hi there. Thanks for the message. I’m afraid that I can only answer this question from my perspective - I guess everyone has a different story. Moving on to the Pro platform has tripled my freelancing income - simple as that. I was very busy before I moved though so I had built up a large pool of happy customers who wanted to use me again.

Good luck with your freelancing and best wishes,


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i just received my first payment :slight_smile:
i thought maybe i should tell you, thankyou for the advice :slight_smile: