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Fiverr Pro Seller - Also happy to answer any questions

That’s great news! Thanks for the message and congratulations!

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Thankyou :slight_smile:

and thankyou so much for doing this effort :grin:

Hello toby, I just joined Fiverr recently. My gig is about 10 days old and still no orders yet. I have a video on the gig, an explicit description and lower prices compared to other sellers. However, I’ll like to get your expert review on it and know if I need to make any adjustments. Cheers.

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Toby, way to go! So how did they approach you about this? Did you have a success manager, get an email?

Hi there. Sure - no problem :-). Your gig is not really in my area of expertise but I guess that there are a couple of things that might help. Firstly - don’t be disheartened by 10 days without a sale. It’s really slow to get started. You have no reviews yet so people have no idea about how good you are. As soon as you get some reviews then that will change for the better (assuming that the reviews are all good!)

In the meantime you need to do everything that you can to allow potential customers to see your face and to get to know you and hopefully trust you. I didn’t see the video listed on your gig so that is certainly a must. I would just record a simple piece to camera telling customers who you are and what you do. Dress tidily for the video and have a professional looking background. Be up front and honest with your customers in the video. There’s nothing wrong with saying that although you are experienced in your field of work, you’re new to Fiverr and you’re hoping to establish a pool of amazing customers.

The images in your gig didn’t really draw my interest much. I’m looking on my phone at the moment so maybe the formatting was wrong.

Hoping that you find this a useful critique. Best of luck!


I’m a beginner fiverr user. ask for advice for people to get customers?

Thank you. I received an email invite to take part in a video conference. I do have a success manager now and he does an amazing job in supporting me.

I think it’s worth saying that I had delivered over 1000 jobs and was a top seller at the time so it wasn’t just a lucky break. It just takes a long time to build up the base of loyal customers and I was way too cheap for quite a long time!

Thanks again for your comments.


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@tobywilson664 congrats on your successful transition. TBH, I’m not a native English speaker & I do not have any certificates / famous portfolio, so I think it hard for me to go PRO (been rejected 2 times) but I admired your success. Minimum $100 per order must be feeling so good, earn more, do less, most importantly it attract a better class of clients.

I also offering 1 gig (quality over quantity) but I feel desperate restart the reviews from zero. It’s feel very risky.

Hi there. That’s a pretty wide open question and I don’t really know where to start. Can you explain in more detail?

Best wishes


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Yes - I know what you mean about losing the feedback count that you work so hard to accumulate and it was a hard decision for me to. If you are fully committed and are good at what you do then I believe that the customers will find you. Fiverr opens you up to the whole world. The market place doesn’t get much bigger than that :slight_smile:

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My all gigs went last page it has been over 90 days still no improvement any advice

That’s really great to hear & wish you best of luck as well. I have a very general question, should I apply for Fiverr Pro or should I wait for Fiverr to contact me for pro position? Bit confused & your thoughts will be valuable on it.

Hi there. Thanks for the message. I’m perhaps not best placed to answer this one as I don’t know what criteria FIVERR use to decide if they are going to invite someone on to the Pro platform. I guess there’s nothing wrong with applying yourself though. Can only prove that you are keen :slight_smile:

Best wishes


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That is extraordinary news! A debt of gratitude is in order for the message and congrats!

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hello @tobywilson664 i hope you would be doing good :slight_smile:

i was just a lil bit confused so here i am, again, for my query.
i got like 4 orders in a row from a client, on the same gig, and earned 5 stars, but i don’t know why i am not getting orders for my other gigs.

Need your suggestions/advises.

Is Fiverr Pro Seller only available to sellers who have achieved certain sales levels?


It’s available to a small percentage of people who apply, regardless of their level.

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No, it is a totally separate thing, but I imagine Fiverr considers your customer satisfaction.

@tobywilson664congrats on your brilliant success.I want answers of some of my questions. Could you please help me out ?

@muhammadawai319 If you want help you need to create your own topic.

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