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how to create that.actually i am quite new here

Go to the forum log in page and you will see New Topic in a green box at the top of the page on the right hand side.


hmm I see, thank you.

Should I create a new account to apply to Fiverr Pro?
I’ve gone back to my maiden name and would like my Fiverr account handle to reflect that, but I haven’t wanted to delete the account (their only solution) and start over, as I’ve built up excellent ratings that I wouldn’t want to lose. But I’m planning to apply for Fiverr Pro, so I’m unsure if my non-Pro ratings will even matter much anymore.
My question is, should I apply to Pro on my current account and keep my non-Pro gig ratings, or should I delete my current account and start fresh (and rating-less) with Pro?

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Hi there,
My advice would be to keep your current non pro gig along with those hard earned ratings. What would happen if you deleted the old account and didn’t get accepted on to the Pro Platform on your new account - that would be tragic!

I regret not thinking up a better fiverr handle when I first started out, but when I first started out I had no idea that I would end up being a full time freelancer.

Good luck with whatever option you decide!

Best wishes,


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Good point, and thank you for the advice! Much appreciated.

Congrats that’s great news. Keep up the great work. Best of luck for you

wow. informative and educational. You the best

When you went pro, did you get more support from fiverr? How did you decide to structure your gig packages?

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Hi - yes I did get more support. I got access to a customer success manager which gave me better email support etc. I just structured the gig packages in a way that seemed to make logical sense. Hope that helps.

It does. I am in the writing category. I have been here five years, and trying to make sure I keep up as things on here change as far as what I offer and how I frame it. Normally is is each package is a different word count and as the packages increase certain extras become included. There may be a better way, just not sure.


Thank you so much for your support, I read your reply to the other it will help me a lot to understand more.

as a pro is it possible that a seller can request your work to edit then after the buyer sends it to see if it is something the seller can actually work on to edit then steal the buyers work? I believe once you hire the seller then the work does not need a non-disclosure but if you are discussing in the chat then how can a seller review the work of the buyer without stealing it?

The question is why would they. I’m a Pro in video editing, and I regularly get footage from clients to analyse. If we don’t move forward, it goes straight in the trash. I have no interest in whatever buyers send me besides the business aspect. Now, if a buyer sent me winning lottery numbers or very valuable confidential information, there may be a motive. But most buyers I had worrying about that, had nothing of value whatsoever. It’s all in their heads. Usually the people who are more concerned about that kind of thing are the ones who have the worst business plans that they worry somebody will “steal”. Mr buyer, nobody cares about your new dumb crypto, believe me xD

Now, if you are dealing with big, established companies, they may have a standard NDA, that’s fine. In any case, any Pro seller won’t risk “stealing” something from a client, it’s just not worth it if they get caught.

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Congrats that great news

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: