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Fiverr pro seller vs Fiverr general seller


I experienced that where a nornal or general fiverr seller offers his a gig for $5 or $10 where a fiverr pro seller offers the same gig for $100 or $200, in this case my question is that “Will the buyers be interested to a pro seller for the same gig service at a pro seller’s high rate?” If not then what’s the use of pro seller?


Pro sellers are getting sales, so yes, there are buyers who are interested.


Oh, great question. I’ll have to come back and give my take, later.

Bookmarked it for now, late for work. :hushed::hushed:

Edit: Short answer, YES.
Long answer coming soon. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply. Awaiting for your coming back


I’ve written a blog post for Fiverr covering this exact subject. Once it’s published, I will share it here.


Thank you so much for your valuable information


Trust me i have applied for Pro seller account but i haven’t got approved yet, thus i’m a level 2 seller with 5 star ratings.


Yes there are a lot of buyers who would prefer getting high-quality ORIGINAL work for hundreds of dollars instead of $5 gigs that offer -for example- the same videohive templates everyone else is selling.


There is a big market for those who have a large budget and want to be assured that their money will be well spent on extra high quality.


The real question is do Pro sellers stick to their pricing? Theoretically, Pro sellers shouldn’t impact regular sellers.The same buyers who used to order from regular sellers for $10 aren’t suddenly going to start ordering the same service for $100. For most, their budgets simply won’t permit that.

However, if a Pro seller gets sick of only having orders come in from Fiverr itself. (Sorry, couldn’t resist). The likelihood is that they will eventually offer discounts on work to less wealthy buyers.

No orders this week? Ok, you won’t like to admit it but yes, you probably will sell that 15-second, $10,000 social media video production for $200.

If this happens, Pro sellers will cause a problem for regular sellers as they will essentially become people with huge leverage who regular buyers will never be able to compete against.


As a Pro, I was requested to keep my prices to a minimum of $100. The only time I would go below that is if I were offering a private, custom offer to a previous client.


Ummm I don’t offer the same service as I did for my usual gigs. No seller can. It’s a common misconception that pro gigs are the same as regular ones. Let me assure you they are not. A few exceptions of poor quality control on Fiverr’s part, but in general, that’s the rule.

And my success manager was really clear on that: if I am to create pro gigs they need to be on a league of their own.

Also: interesting tidbit, since launch I raised my Pro price twice. :slight_smile:


I’ve raised my prices once… Still no signs of slowing down…


We also can’t do that either. We have a limit to what sort of dicount or minimum price we give out depebding on starting price and category.

Fiverr staff is very much involved with Pro gigs. The minute we do something, they know about it and if they have something to say, they do. :slight_smile:


I can second this - My Customer Success Manager is lovely, but there is no way I would cross her!


Interesting information. It looks like I missed out on quite a bit.

It was crazy at work today and with the exception of a few short burst here and there, I didn’t have much time.

Earlier, I gave a short answer of yes. I was going to give my opinion, as a buyer, for that answer in greater depth. After reading the posts made by two of our Pro Sellers, I realized I am missing 50% of something.

As someone who is a buyer only (no gigs here), I only have the perspective from that half - if that makes sense. I do not have the perspective from someone who is a seller or a buyer/seller.

Both Paul and Frank are Professional Sellers, therefore they have unique insight from 5r directly. I do not feel I can contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way; if I did, it would only be from the buyer’s side.


The OP asked if buyers would be interested in Pro gigs, so I believe that contributing from the buyer’s side would definitely mean a lot. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s part of what we’re missing as Pro sellers. I have ideas about what buyers are looking for from Pro’s (and indeed have written a blog post about that very thing), but they are only assumptions. I would love to hear your take on it.


Thanks for sharing so much Paul. Did you ever post that final blog about being a Fiverr PRO seller? I’ve wondered how PRO impacts sellers when they have a great basic gig. Does the basic gig get lower placement, etc.?


Sure, here’s the blog post on all my ideas about being accepted to Fiverr pro - enjoy!