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Fiverr PRO - Thoughts After a Few Weeks

Hey all, your friendly, neighborhood Fiverr PRO seller here. I’ve been offering my Fiverr PRO gigs for almost three weeks now, and wanted to give a quick update on how things are going, for anyone thinking of joining the program:

Active Gig Details

  • I offer services exclusively in the “Articles and Blogs” section of the marketplace.
  • I have seven different, active gigs in the marketplace, four of them have attracted orders so far.
  • My starting gigs are mainly priced around $100, with one at $200 and one at $340.

Order Details

  • I have completed five orders so far, with two more in the pipeline.
  • Each completed order has received a five-star review.
  • Of the seven completed or pipeline orders, three have been custom offers, the other four were regular gigs.
  • Total earnings for the completed and pipeline orders is around $900 after commission with an average selling price of $126.


  • I have been contacted by around 20 genuine, prospective buyers, so my conversion rate has been around 33% of messages to gigs.
  • Most conversations with buyers have been extremely cordial.

Other information

  • I had a meeting with the Fiverr PRO product team recently to discuss my experiences - my overall feedback was very positive. I really like the PRO platform and have found it a very useful addition and supplementary income for my work.
  • I mentioned that more active communications with people in the Fiverr PRO application process would be useful, together with follow-up emails to get PRO sellers up to speed quickly.

Any questions, please let me know.


Paul, i really like your transparency with your experience on Fiverr. Hope things will improve even more for you and everyone else here on this platform.
Fiverr is a great platform and you are going to enjoy it even more after few months.


And I am sure you mentioned how magnificent your Forum experience has been too!


Funny you mention that, it did come up in the meeting - they were pleased with the quality of responses. It’s a testament to the awesome community here.


Its a testament to having Pros with a face answering questions I think. It changed a lot of the green-eyed-monster posts about these “horrible Pro people” coming in here stealing our jobs and getting $10k for doing so.
Big shout out to you and @frank_d for doing so.


Thank you @eoinfinnegan

I think @paulmaplesden did all the heavy lifting. I just didn’t have the strength to keep on responding to loaded questions AND keep working on my very first Pro order. (which was a really big deal for me, personally)

I am super pleased to see that people stopped attacking the idea and they are actually thinking of ways to change their business model in order to benefit from the new audience being tapped.


Paul, a truly genuine and unbiased PRO seller I always look up to. You will go far in Fiverr as a PRO seller here, all the best!


I’m quite curious why anyone would buy a “pro” gig when you can get the exact same gig for a 10th the cost. I alternate between ordering the cheapest gig and getting someone with 100s of orders. My main complaint with fiverr is I can’t contact people via skype to discuss an order so if I have a higher end project I go elsewhere

I think getting “the exact same thing” is quite unlikely. You mention that you go for the cheapest gigs - if you placed a < $50 order with me and wanted to discuss it so much that a Skype call was necessary I would (politely) laugh in your face.

Some sellers have permission to consult via Skype regarding purchases but for the cheapest gigs you are referring to it is just unreasonable to want detailed discussion.
I don’t know the type of services you require but I imagine the majority of good sellers would think the same way.

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I wrote this blog post which digs into it a little bit.

Essentially, there are buyers with higher budgets who are happy to pay more to get the services of pre-vetted Pro sellers who have extra expertise, insight, experience, and relationship skills. Pro isn’t for every buyer, but for those who need what a Pro seller brings (described in the blog post) and have the budget, it can be a good choice.

I am happy to Skype with buyers if they request it as part of the gig, but I do charge for my time to do that, unless they have placed a very large order.

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Having outsourced writing, logo design, and video work on Fiverr on occasion, I can assure you that there are massive gulfs in quality between higher and lower priced sellers. Of course, it is not the case that buyers always know how to asses quality itself. It all depends on what you want, what you need it for and whether you are prepared to invest in your own business.

P.S. If you are are forum regular, sell on Fiverr, and I have ordered from you previously, you can be assured that your work was of a standard I was very happy with :slight_smile:


Does anybody happen to know if there’s going to be a Fiverr Pro Translation section? As far as I can see translations aren’t offered or at least there are no actual translation gigs available for Fiverr Pro (correct me if I am wrong, please).

thanks, I was curious to see how it was going

Pro has been great for me - I have been providing Pro services on the platform for almost a year, and Fiverr has accounted for around a third of my freelancing income. It also means I haven’t had to apply for freelancing jobs for the last nine months or so, which means I can use that time completing work.

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Just out of curiosity Paul, do you allow your Fiverr buyers to credit you as the source of work. i.e. Let’s say I was to order an article from you, would you be fine with me me titling that article as a Professional Freelancers Perspective on X Subject, by Celebrated Business Writer Paul Maplesden?

I imagine with your author bio, this could help lend authority to sites in terms of SEO (depending on the topic) and your own good self in the process.

Or do you prefer to be anonymous?

I don’t have any issue with it, but I state clearly in my FAQ that buyers can do whatever they want with the work. I haven’t spent any time building my brand outside my freelance website and Fiverr, so honestly I am not sure if adding my name to something would mean much!

It would for the sneaky purposes I have in mind… (Insert mad cackle.)

Thank you. This answers my question.

Ah, I am not very good at being nefarious…

Don’t worry, I’m just building a bit of an SEO strategy. Ideally, I’m trying to get John McAfee but the next best thing would be an authoritative article about John McAfee. - He’s very expensive you see… Unless you can lure him by via a catchy/moderately controversial Twitter tagline.

I saw his prices, and yes, he is very expensive!