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Fiverr PRO - Thoughts After a Few Weeks

Indeed. He’s a beautiful social media influencer Ibex. Shockingly expensive to mount an expedition to capture, but still possible to lure in from the wild for free, providing you have patience.

The only problem is I’ve done this twice before and I doubt he’ll fall for my McAfee capture device a second time. That’s why I need a different writer. :wink:

I seriously doubt that. There may be a few sellers that don’t know how to present their work, or a 1% of sellers who may be a bit overpriced, but all in all there’s a gap between the majority of Pro offerings and regular ones.

Fiverr makes sure of that. I am not allowed to post a Pro gig, unless I discuss in detail what my offering is and a review team agrees I am worth the price.

Interesting tidbit: did you know Fiverr Pro sellers can actually do that? So maybe another reason to consider Pro gigs.

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Hey, Paul!

A friend wanted to know if…

Pro sellers are protected from chargebacks?

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I have no idea - I have not had one myself, so I can’t answer that… Sorry.


OK, no worries. :slightly_smiling_face:
No CB for you, well that’s amazing! :tada:

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I’ve only completed (just) over 130 orders, and am careful to manage expectations up front, so it might just be that I haven’t run into that bad luck yet. Although I did get my first four star review today, and my writing was described as “ordinary” so that felt like a mortal wound!


Hey Nika!

No we are not protected anymore than regular sellers.

I remember asking that when they approached me to set up a Pro gig at launch and they responded that the same rules apply for everyone but depending on the amount, there may be further escalation. (They also didn’t seem to think buyers going for Pro gigs would likely do that on purpose)


Thank you for the clarification, Frank! :sunglasses:

I just thought since Fiverr increased fees to pay for CS. It would be nice if they started handling chargebacks better. :confused:

Aww :hushed:

Don’t let it warp your ego. Perhaps the Buyer meant to write extraordinary. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s the perfect opportunity to drink a nice cold brew. :beer:


Maybe they increased fees and started double charging us BECAUSE they need to cover chargebacks on large orders?



Maybe they need to renegotiate their terms with PayPal?


They definitely.

In any case if a 5 digit order of mine ever gets charged back -knock on wood- I will expect Fiverr to make me whole.


Hey Paul,
why pro seller setting high rates for their gigs?

Pro seller service are best who had expereince and give the quality work so the one use that must be apperiated not all can use pro service or there will be on difference between us and pro seller and paul congrats on your work as a pro seller i hope if i could do that to.
All the best and have fun

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.