Fiverr Pro: Who has applied?


It’s only in a few categories right now, but I’m curious to know who’s interested or has already applied to be a Fiverr Pro…

  • I’m not interested in it.
  • I am interested in it.
  • I applied and I’m waiting.
  • I was accepted!
  • I didn’t get in…

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I’m wondering…
Do you think it’s a good thing for “normal” sellers?
Do you think the application is too easy or too hard (or totally off base)?
Do you think it’s fair that some people who have never made a sale on Fiverr are now Pros in their category?


I am currently writing a couple of blog posts for Fiverr that I hope will shed more light on the Pro services from both a buyer and seller perspective. Not sure exactly when they will be published, but will keep you appraised.


Sounds awesome! I look forward to reading them and learning more :slight_smile:

I know it varies, but I was wondering how long it took for you to hear back after applying? Is there more to the process (like a disucssion/interview) or is it a “you’re in or you’re out” thing after the initial appllication?


I think it was about four weeks. I had an initial interview, but I think that was in the very early days of Pro, before they had anyone else on board. I am not sure how much the process has changed now.


I did. No rejection thus far. Sent the application in the day it launched.


I applied when they were calling it the Category Development Initiative. When they began calling it Fiverr Pro, I received an email saying I would need to re-apply since they updated the application process (just in case that’s what you mean :slight_smile:).


Fiverr PRO badge gives you the front row seat in search results. It would take me years to get to the front page on my own, especially considering the service I offer. So is it good for “normal” sellers, of course.

PRO badge means an external talent, so if Fiverr wishes to separate them somehow then that’s fine by me. The problem is that most buyers don’t know that. I bet a lot of them think these are the only PROs and the rest are amateurs. So of course they will flip the switch to show PROs at the top.

If you get 20-30K impressions per month then most likely you’ll still get more orders than regular sellers with thousands of reviews and 5.0 average. Even with 0,1% conversion you’ll probably still make more money than an average Level 2 seller with 5% conversion.

Let your portfolio do the talking. If you’re external talent who has worked with major companies then add it to your profile and showcase your work in the portfolio. Let buyers decide based on your work if they wish to hire you.

So to answer your question about fairness - no it’s not fair. However, that’s the new system so either adapt to it or move out :slight_smile: Until my category opens up, I will try my best to improve my chances to get picked.


I think it’s a great idea. I’m not sure if it fits with my category or not. I think there might be a handful of sellers who qualify if so.