Fiverr problems with order... it arrived almost two months later


Hi everyone,

I experienced something very weird. A customer ask me to do a time sensitive job and I agreed. She had send me the offer yesterday. Funny enough today she told me it was sent months ago… and when I look at the date she was right there stood 21 of october. But I just got her message yesterday… Is the happening to you too? What might have gone wrong in Fiverr?


told this problem to fiverr customer support team


Make sure to check your settings tab in Fiverr. I was not receiving any email notification from last night whereas there were two messages in my Fiverr inbox. So upon checking settings I came to know that all boxes of notifications were unchecked


@adeelqures I did. Its not about getting a message to my email. Its more like someone sent me a gig request on the 21 of october but I received it yesterday 10th of december… And I answered I would do it. The customer responded that the request was months ago… I looked at the date and she was right… but Fiverr delivered her request basically almost two months later…

@devanandg I already mailed Fiverr support but I like to know if that happened to somebody else as well…