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Fiverr Produces A TV Commercial But Doesn't Hire Anyone From Fiverr!

Fiverr produced a tv commercial but never hired anyone from fiverr! Now that’s hilarious. That’s the great support you now get. The concept of micro jobs was good for a few years, but it’s now on the way down. So, those who make fiverr their full time job should have a backup once fiverr winds down or disappears.

Reply to @bachas85: Hmmm I didn’t attack you! I just tell it the way it is. Of course, I won’t tell everyone about the favoritism fiverr gives you get as a sheriff! LOL. I guess that’s why you don’t get paid, but you actually get a whole lot more exposure everywhere! Now, fiverr doesn’t like me too much because I speak the truth, but if there are 3 million gigs out there, then a lot of people are not making any money at all. Those people should be getting more promotion, not the one’s who have it good already. But, of course, fiverr has to think of their own pocket first!

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Here’s the link to the commercial:

It’s also nice to see that the percentage of sales that they take from sellers goes towards that commercial…

That was my exact reaction. Bummer. It’s a shame that they’d hire actors when there’s so many here that would have loved to do it.

Why do you think micro jobs are down though? I don’t see them going away.

We’re here to help small business on fiverr, but our core business is broadcast. Sheriff bachas85 is always there to balance the discussion in favor of fiverr. Hey, that’s why she’s an unpaid sheriff. Some of that tv commercial fund should be paid to people who are unpaid. Think about it.

We’ve reduced the amount of what we do on fiverr mainly due to a number of reasons, mainly fraud. Hey, didn’t they just hire a fraud person?

Micro jobs were good a few years ago, now the market has balanced out and those who know micro jobs know it lacks support and difficult to find responsible people to do the job properly.

In my discussions, with business people, they would never use fiverr because they know, you get what you pay for.

We’ll see this fall what happens in the short term for the forth quarter. If fiverr goes public on the stock exchange it may changes things. But, fiverr is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with a branch office in NYC. So, it may be difficult, although nothing is impossible.

Fiverr simply used the FB video contest for ideas for their own commercial. Giving away $500 bucks in equipment is nothing. Fiverr made two 30 second spots and this is probably the one they will use nationally.

Combined with the pro actors speaking and the production values, the two spots cost on the cheap side $20,000 and on the higher side $40,000. It really depends who they used and if an ad agency was involved (more than likely). If they spent more than $40k, they wasted $. In this case there are 3 actors speaking plus voice over, pro talent costs big money if the commercial runs nationally as in this case. Anyhow, that’s our analysis for what it’s worth.


amanda20102 said: It's also nice to see that the percentage of sales that they take from sellers goes towards that commercial...

... agreed, it's nice that they are actually reinvesting some of the commission they earn into advertising that will bring traffic to Fiverr - which ultimately benefits sellers.

Reply to @bachas85: if fiverr used a voice over actor from fiverr they would have proudly announced it. But, so far, they didn’t. Most of the voice over actors only have experience on fiverr! Many are not professional even though they say they are. There is a big difference between years of experience and experience on fiverr. But, of course, buyers on fiverr only want something cheap, so they get what they pay for. Unfortunately, we’ve already seen disasters with marketing campaigns that used really cheap videos. It actually hurt the promotion than increase profits. The public knows the difference between Pro and amateur. So is the case with fiverr and that’s why they didn’t hire anyone on fiverr!

There will be awareness of fiverr once the campaign starts but doesn’t mean more people will buy. It’s all relative to when the ads run and which markets. We would have produced the commercials differently to include buyers and sellers and referencing the fact that fiverr is more than just services.

Decent chunk of moolah.

If they’d have looked in the My Gigs section of the forum though, they could have gotten 2 commercials done for $5.

Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

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There are some good sellers on fiverr, but I don’t think fiverr has the confidence in their ability. I also believe an ad agency was involved and I can tell you first hand, ad agencies would never use such services on fiverr. They simply took the wrong approach and upset sellers on fiverr instead of supporting and encouraging.

Reply to @edwriter: On what TV stations was broadcasted this ad?

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Honestly, no clue.