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Fiverr Profile (kindly point out deficiency)

I have been working on fiverr about three months. My account was created in 2018. i have got 1 order.Now its about one month i have not got any order.
Kindly help me pointing out deficiencies in my portfolio.
Thank you!


Have you read the posts other logo sellers have left here? There is a lot of advice there that you need to read. I find myself repeating the same advice over and over again.

There are dozens of thousands of people selling logos. Don’t just look at your gig when evaluating the possibility of orders. Look at your competition. You really need to do more research.


There are almost 100,000 logo design gigs on Fiverr. To say that this niche is oversaturated is an understatement. Do you feel that your portfolio is amazing enough to stand out among so many other gigs?


You can turn on your portfolio which will show what you did for your buyers. I see one review but don’t see what you designed for them. Your logo designs are very professional.

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Hi Friend,

Getting Orders on Fiverr you need to standout and be ready to get Client Ordering your service.
Firstly is your Gig well Created? is your Portfolio Eye catching this alone would make clients rush you at first sight

Secondly do you make use of Buyers Request, if yes that means you need to work hard on how you send your proposals

3rdly Do you stay online always? you need to be Online always that why @Fiverr Created the Fiverr app for our usage.