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Fiverr profile photo dimensions doubt

Guys i tried different size of my recent art for keeping it as fiver profile photo but iam not able to do perfect size can anyone change this pic dimension and give me so that it perfectly fit my profile and covers all area

Here u can see size issues

here i marked it has white spaces still could be enlarged but iam not getting exact i tried many times

That one doesn’t really matter, as it’s only ever seen by you.

For example right now i can see your perfect fit but mine isn’t

Okay, I think I see what you mean. It’s more likely a boundary issue than a size issue (you’ve a lot of white-space around the image), or maybe a transparency issue (if the white is a transparent layer, grey might be the default fill-in).

Have you tried a different file-type?

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Have a try with this one.

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Thanks a lot bro it worked perfect