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Fiverr profile photo problem

I uploaded a profile picture but that is blurred on my gigs. How can I fix this problem?


If you type "profile photo blurred " in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

I checked most of them and can not fix problem

I also have the same problem. My profile picture is blurry like never before

try to use batter quality image … some time image quality create problem.

Picture is high quality, so it is not quality problem ( 3000x4000x, I also try 512x512 or 1170x740 and etc formats )

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You do understand that part of being a designer is to find out what the specifications of the target medium are and then designing so it works on said medium.


Can you link to the gig in question? I don’t understand what you mean by gig profile.

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Looks like that, first one is my profile picture, second one is on gig. That is gig link -

Wrote their support but it is more than 1 day I didn’t get any answer :frowning: