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How does the no. Of views on my profile varies?
At times there z a red arrow n sm times it z green.


What “red arrow”? Can’t see it.


Its at home page of profile…in app.


Red arrow points down because there are less views. Green goes up because there are more views.


There r thez arrows against impression also…


Yes, and by clicks and orders too. There is also a drop-down menu on the top right where you can see what the trend is for the year, the last 6 months and the last 3 months, the last 30 days or the last 7 days. Of course that may depend on how long you have been on Fiverr.


D digits of these arrows changes too frequently. The updates r on hourly basis I guess :wink:


It will be different all the time, depending on the amount of clicks you receive on your profile. Red means you are getting higher no. of clicks and Green means less clicks.


Actually it’s the other way around


Dats wt I ws wondering B-)