Fiverr promoted gigs = we pay a fee for life?


I just had 2 orders placed by people who clicked through my ads.

All fine and dandy, I welcome new business, and I am more than willing to pay a fee for the promoted gig feature.

The second buyer was pleased with my work, and requested a new project.

To which I replied: “Sure! Let me send you a custom request!”

Request sent, buyer purchased, activated, I worked on it and delivered.

Now comes the twist:

Buyer submits review, and I get charged with Fiverr’s commission for the promoted gig, A SECOND TIME

What gives??

If a buyer finds me via the ads feature, and buys my gig, then he is super happy with me and starts ordering more gigs, am I to pay an additional fee on every gig he orders for life??

Promoted gig, repeat buyer, charged 15% extra again :\

Hm. Maybe this bit here?

What is attribution and how does it work?
Attribution is a standard practice by online platforms, which defines how long after clicking on the ad a purchase is credited to the ad. We attribute sales to the Promoted ad up to 7 days after a prospective buyer clicks it.


Hi there.

Yes, that’s how long they wait from the moment the prospect buyer clicks the ad, until they actually purchases your gig.

For his initial purchase.

That’s not new, referral links are also not forever.

That does not mean that a week after initial purchase, any other purchase is still attributed to the ad.

That makes 0 sense.


From the same link:

"Why do I have Promotion Fees on orders of Gigs that aren’t participating in Promoted Listings?

We charge Promotion Fees only on orders that were initiated from buyers’ traffic you have received from the Promoted Listings. This includes orders on non-promoted Gigs if the buyer reached you by clicking on one of your Promoted Gigs."


again that means that if they click on sponsored ad, but then purchase a different non-promoted gig within 7 days, then that sale is still charged with a promoted-gig fee.

Where does it say that anytime the buyer will purchase from you, it will still be attributed to the initial ad?


Well good for me then that I’m no TRS i guess as I just also noticed that page is subtitled ‘Recommended for TRS’, I won’t have to think about using ads or not then, if/when they become available to me, the reasons I see not to accumulate.
Sorry you got that not so nice surprise, hope it will be cleared up then.


I’m opening a ticket with CS, hoping it’s some sort of bug.

otherwise I’m out. :slight_smile:


This is not good. I’m experiencing the same thing. I am about to receive the 3rd order from the same buyer. Should I now tell him to order after 7 days?!


Yes tell them to wait. :slight_smile: