Fiverr: Promotion of Dwolla


Fiverr introducing Dwolla if you reside in the US.

The official blog on Dec 2nd:

When you order on Fiverr using Dwolla Credit, you’ll be eligible for the following offers:

The first 10,000 Fiverr members who use Dwolla to buy a $5 Gig will get that Gig for free, via reimbursement of their $5 into their Dwolla account.

Even if you aren’t one of the first 10,000 users, you’ll still get reimbursed for 20 percent of your first $5 Gig purchase using Dwolla.

After every 9 Gig purchased using Dwolla, you’ll get a 10th $5 Gig for free, again via reimbursement into your Dwolla account.

I guess Dwolla is paying a lot to get Fiverr to have us sign up. In just the first offer, they are paying $50,000 for 10,000 sign ups. I have a business account with Paypal, but I’m not that fond of them. Is anyone here using Dwolla?


I read this from the Dwolla TOS:

"…You understand and agree that the decision by Us to take certain actions, including placing holds on or limiting access to Your User Account as detailed below, may be based on confidential criteria that are essential to risk management or security concerns. You understand and agree that We are not under any obligation to disclose the details of Our risk management or security procedures to You…“


”…We will keep your money if we want to, and there isn’t much you can do about it. If this does happen, please don’t ask for any detailed explanation. It’s really none of your business, we can do what we want…"

lol. They remind me a lot of Paypal!


Exactly! Paypal, Dwolla, it’s all the same stuff, different name.