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Fiverr Promotional Program

Hello hope you are all doing well, I am a level 2 seller but I am not getting Fiverr Promotion panel (Opportunity) Can anybody help me


What do you mean by “Promotion panel”? Are you referring to “Promoted gigs”?

Yes I am talking about that one

According to Fiverr:

We’ll evaluate your eligibility according to the following standards:

You’re a Level 2 or Top Rated seller
At least one of your Gigs is in an eligible category
Your Gig scored 4.7 in public rating
Your Gig has at least 30 reviews
You meet additional quality metrics

Maybe your category isn’t eligible. I don’t know. :man_shrugging:t3:

Congrats on level 2, I’m envious.


Here I found my elgibility and also all the requirements I completed but still there is not response

That was old, Here is the updated version:

This one is somewhat in the “Gray” area, because it’s very likely the reviews the buyer give behind your back.

ok thanks mate for your kind response