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Fiverr proo gig processing time

Hello guys,
I applied for Fiverr Pro feature for sellers and it’s 22
days now and I haven’t received a response from Fiverr. I would like to
know how it works. How long does it take to be approved or denied?
Thank you.

Recently, i read a post of a seller who was selected for pro. She said it toll her 6 weeks for the whole process

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I applied for Pro-Gram more than a month now, No response
I think i’m not capable :frowning:

Don’t forget it might have been caught in your junk mail or spam filter. I know they got a lot of applications, too, and they are choosing only a very, very small number of people. Personally, I would guess you would probably get a yes or a no within 90 days but I wouldn’t give up quite that fast.

If you haven’t heard anything in 6 months post-application, you probably didn’t get accepted and missed the email. If that happens just work on increasing your review numbers and try to get some clients that are from large companies or are high profile. Perhaps you can re-apply in a year or so when you have more to offer.

Whew. I read this topic title a little too quickly. At first I read it as:

Fiverr poo gig processing time

It’s good to know that Fiverr doesn’t process poo. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, it would be extremely helpful if certain forum users (not pointing any fingers), made a little more of an effort to spell their words and posts correctly – before clicking the “Post” or “Reply” button. I understand that there are many forum users who don’t speak English as their primary language, however, this is still an English forum. And there are an awful lot of horribly spelled (and written) posts on these forums (even by users claiming to be from the United States).