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Fiverr Pros & Cons... not sure which is out-weighing the other at the moment

Fiverr is a wonderful platform to meet potential clients, and I’ve seen some success here for sure, no denying that fact. The cost of doing business here is what it is, but ultimately, there is no point is complaining about that because if it were THAT bad, we wouldn’t keep selling gigs here, right?

What is frustrating me the most at the moment is, while I’ve found work and some great clients to work with here, I wonder whether or not the effort put into selling myself/my skills for projects I’m pretty certain I won’t get is worth my time… unfortunately, that’s most of them on here. When I freelance outside of Fiverr, it’s rare that I’m told “no” by new potential clients I interact with, as long as the project they are requesting is something I provide.

Here on Fiverr, I have my $5 gigs like everyone else… and everyone wants that $5 gig price, but they want the more expensive version of the package. My typical ways of getting over the hurdle of price, the odd time it comes up with a client outside Fiverr, do not work here because of the competitive nature of the platform, and because there is always someone out there willing to do the almost 8 audio-hour transcription project for $3 per hour worked or less. I just can’t beat that. I have no issue absorbing the 20% for Fiverr, and luckily, since I’m in Canada, I can go a little lower on my rates than I normally would since most of the buyers are in the U.S. and the exchange rate currently works quite well in my favor.

I feel for the sellers who do land these buyers looking for 25-40 hours of work for lesser rates by altering their service provided, etc. and end up with an unsatisfied buyer and negative reviews for no reason other than they got what they paid for. In turn, this affects sellers like me as well, as the buyers decide it was Fiverr’s fault and go elsewhere, now willing to pay a fair price for the work they are contracting out… Leaving us with fewer buyers willing to pay at least a semi-fair price for the work to be done.

I’m a bit of a hypocrite because I recently made a post about how to be successful here as a new seller, and being consistent with efforts was one of my main suggestions, and I find I’m having a hard time putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

I don’t need advice on this… I know what I need to be doing, and I know that every single one of you sellers out there are experiencing the same thing on a daily basis… I’ll continue to “keep on keepin’ on”, and will connect with the odd reasonable client that is after more than just the lowest price.

TL;DR: Buyers want everything for nothing; Boo-hoo; Whoa is me/all sellers. //rant


Being your own boss, (freelancing), has it’s ups and downs.

I work full time and freelance on the side, so I see it from both perspective. :slight_smile:


Honestly, I see only “pros” of Fiverr. I get paid for writing stuff. Who would have thunk that? I’m still pinching myself after 3 and a half years. LOL. It was in Jan 2014 that I found out people could make money online. Feb 2014 I started making money online. Aug 2017 I have made a little fortune online by Indian standards. And nobody in real life, not even my mom knows what I do. Still pinching myself.

[So the story of how I came to know one could make money online is really interesting. I was doing a course on Oracle database software, hoping to get a job as a database analyst. Then this guy who was taking the course with me, who completely hated me, tried to put one over me by showing off how he made Rs. 25,000 or $400/month online as a programmer (I later found out that he worked as a virtual assistant). His point was he was not completely jobless and unemployed and worthless and useless like I was. So that was how I found out that one could make money online and here I am. LOL.]


For me, there are no downs, only ups. Everything to gain, nothing to lose, except time and I got plenty of time. LOL.


That’s because you not only enjoy what you do, you are not tied to a budget, as not depending on freelancing as income.

You have best of both world’s! I envy you. :slight_smile::slight_smile:


Yes, we are experiencing the same thing on a daily basis, you will find the balance! Create a great day!

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You are so right! Just like with anything else, there are pros and cons. Most days, the pros out-weigh the cons… I say as I’m sitting in a super comfy zero-gravity chair in my back yard with my feet up, a cold drink and enjoying the sunshine… :stuck_out_tongue: Lol!