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Fiverr Pros! Help! - I need SEO and General Marketing Advice

Hello Fiverr pros!

So I’m calling anybody a pro who’s consciously sold their gig at least once. If you have, please have a look at my gig and I will appreciate any marketing advice that you can give me, that could help me improve my gig:

Thank you!

Hello mralphaghost I hope you are having a great day I have read your gig and here’s some changes I think you should do


and try to offer work free work samples in the description bold text instead of FAQ
Also check your competitor tags

hope that helps

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thanks wind, I’ll implement these things. Can I see your gig too?

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happy to help and yes you can check my profile anytime

I don’t know how, what’s your link?

Hey I just noticed that your profile says ‘‘Out of office’’ that’s okay when you are busy with life but be careful because It’s really bad for your gig ranking and most buyers enable the online buyers only button on the search

Why should he offer free samples?

This is not necessarily a good idea: When and How to Block a Buyer?

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