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Fiverr Pro's with 0 ratings and new accounts?

I had assumed fiverr pro was a league above the TRS and had assumed that only the best of the TRS were hand picked but after visiting a few fiverr pro seller profiles, who still have no ratings and are brand new or only a few month old accounts I am starting to question the integrity of this program.

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The Pro and TRS levels are different - you can be invited to join Fiverr as a Pro without having sold on here before, so it’s entirely possible to be a Pro and have no level.

Here’s some more info for you:

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So basically they give these badges as a signing bonus to freelancers who may be using competing platform sites?

If you read the link, I’m sure you’ll find out what you’re looking for. :sunny:


You may also find this blog post useful in terms of what is needed to become a Fiverr Pro.

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