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This is a Fiverr’s message:

Vanessa (Fiverr Customer Support)
Jul 2, 6:09 PM EDT

Hi there,

Unfortunately, feedback cannot be added to cancelled/completed orders at this time…

This is my answer to them:

“If you do not give the chance to rate the negligent sellers this bad action will have not consequences for them and they will do the same to others, and in this way, You are helping sellers to affect negatively to the buyers. They are doing it with your help”.

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I can see your point, but Fiverr also protects good sellers from negative reviews.

I’ve never had an order cancelled, but have had to mutually cancel several, because the buyers simply misread the gig descriptions, and ordered services I don’t offer.

Would it have been right for those buyers, who wrongly ordered from me, to be allowed to leave a review, possibly a negative, even though I’d done nothing wrong?

I think your order was cancelled, so you received a refund, therefore you can’t leave a review - it just wouldn’t be fair on the majority of Fiverr sellers I’m afraid.


If you are a good seller, there is nothing to be afraid of. Buyers need the
service and we appreciate it. I have sellers that did a good effort working
on my logo but at the end I didnt like it. I understand that is my own
appreciation but the seller did his part. I gave the best rating, and payed
again another seller to work on the logo in different style. Another
thing is:

1=- The seller never read the information and keep having mistakes because
he didnt regards the requirements

2- When the delivery is due, they send an incomplete work or just a black
and write a message to the seller that he will finish it soon. BUT THE WEB
SAY ORDER DELIVERED and it is not.

3- When the delivery sent (incomplete or unsatisfactory) is sent and the
seller takes for example 3 days to fix it and never send the logo
completed (This is what happened tome several times), and re send the same
thing over and over just to gain more time…!

All this case, you can start a dispute, It ends in cancelling the
transaction without giving a chance to the buyer to rate the seller and
warn another customer about this person.

I all above mentioned cases, the buyer was disappointed, wasted time and
treated as stupid, and Fiverr supports that.

I do get your point, but it does seem as if you’ve ignored mine - never mind. :expressionless:

It seems from another thread you’re actually wanting to leave feedback on an order that’s a year old.

Here’s a link to the ToS - it seems like you might need it in the future:

And as I notice most of my buyers do not have rating in their profile. Is this apply to all buyers - we could not see their ratings? So we could only read sellers reviews on these buyer if only we accidentally found which gigs they’ve bought?